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> Subject: Anthology CFP: Contemporary Voices in Africana/Black Studies.
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> From: Karanja Keita Carroll <carrollk at newpaltz.edu>
> Call for Papers
> We seek abstracts for a forthcoming anthology. The tentatively  
> titled Contemporary Voices in Africana/Black Studies seeks to  
> investigate the past, present and future of Africana/Black Studies.  
> We seek to highlight the contributions of founding thinkers and  
> contributors to Africana/Black Studies, along with their  
> contemporary counterparts as we both move forward in redefining our  
> field. This new collection of essays intends to provide an  
> intergenerational dialogue as the basis of guidance and direction  
> for the future prospects of Africana/Black Studies.
> Topics may include, but are not limited, to the following:
> · Nomenclature in Black Studies
> · Theory Building in Black Studies
> · Afro-Latino/as and Black Studies
> · Race and Gender in Black Studies
> · Intellectual Histories of Black Studies
> · Training of Black Studies Professionals
> · Academic Commitment to Black Studies
> · Teaching and Pedagogy in Black Studies
> · Multiracial Identities in Black Studies Classrooms
> · The Role of the African Diaspora in Black Studies
> · History of Black Studies Departments & Programs
> · Departmental vs. Program Status in the 21 st Century
> · The Intersection of Black Studies and Queer Studies
> · Old & New Conceptual Frameworks in Black Studies
> · The Role of non-African Descendants in Black Studies
> · Current and Future Institutional Restraints on Black Studies
> We also invite submissions of syllabi for Introduction to Black/ 
> Africana/African American/Afro-American Studies and Africology  
> courses.
> Please send your proposals, ranging from 300-500 words, along with a  
> brief bio by July 1, 2010 to the editors at editors.cvbs at gmail.com .  
> Include your proposal and bio in the body of your email as well as a  
> Microsoft Word attachment. Essays selected for inclusion in the  
> final volume will be peer-reviewed by specialists in the field.  
> Final papers will be due on or before December 1, 2010 .
> Anthology Editors:
> Regina A. Bernard-Carreño received an MA in African American Studies  
> from Columbia University and an MPhil and PhD in Urban Education  
> from the Graduate and University Center CUNY in New York. She  
> recently published, Black and Brown Waves: The Cultural Politics of  
> Young Women of Color and Feminism in May 2009. Dr. Bernard-Carreño  
> is currently an Assistant Professor at Baruch College with the  
> Department of Black and Hispanic Studies as well as Women Studies.
> Karanja Keita Carroll is the Associate Editor of The Journal of Pan  
> African Studies and is currently an Assistant Professor of Black  
> Studies at the State University of New York, New Paltz. He holds a  
> Masters of Arts and PhD from Temple University’s Department of  
> African American Studies.

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