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> The *Department of Africana Studies at Brown University* offers a  
> graduate program leading to the *Ph.D. in Africana Studies.  
> *Graduate students in the program receive rigorous training in the  
> discipline of Africana Studies and the theories and methods of  
> interdisciplinary scholarship. The graduate program trains students  
> to become skilled and informed scholars poised to make significant  
> contributions to academic and nonacademic communities and initiate  
> cultural, economic, political, and social policies informed by  
> critical thinking and global perspectives on social and human  
> development.
> The graduate program features three areas of emphasis:
> * *Studies in History, Politics and Theory*
>   Studies in History, Politics, and Theory focuses on the
>   institutional, theoretical and material expressions of Africana
>   culture, experience, and thought.  Graduate students with research
>   interests in this area will draw on theories, methods, and
>   approaches in Africana Studies as well as Africana philosophy,
>   critical theory, feminist theory, political theory, history,
>   religious studies, and sociology in developing innovative research
>   projects that engage past and present social and political
>   formations, the production and reproduction of critical knowledges,
>   and the representation of historical and political ideas and
>   formations.
> * *Studies in Literary, Expressive, and Performance Cultures*
>   Studies in Literary, Expressive and Performance Cultures focuses on
>   the critical study of visual culture, performance, and the literary
>   arts that critique the contributions and (self) representations of
>   people of African descent in global and contested societies.     
> Graduate students with research interests in this area will draw on
>   the methods and theories in Africana Studies as well as engage
>   scholarship in aesthetic theory, cultural studies, literary theory
>   and criticism, media studies, and performance studies.
> * *Studies in Feminism, Gender, and Sexuality*
>   Studies in Feminism, Gender, and Sexuality focuses on the cultural,
>   ideological, political, and theoretical implications of feminist
>   consciousness, practices, and theories, constructions of gender as
>   well as critical understandings and analyses of sexuality throughout
>   the Africana world.  This area of emphasis also stresses the
>   critical examination of the complex interrelationships between
>   feminist theory, constructions of gender and sexuality, and the
>   constructions and operations of legal systems and public  
> policy.    Graduate studies with research interests in this area will
>   critically engage concepts, methods, and theories developed in
>   critical theories of race, diaspora studies, feminist studies,
>   masculinity studies, queer theory, and womanist theory to examine
>   historical and contemporary forms and formulations of feminism,
>   gender, and sexuality across various Africana social, cultural,
>   economic, political, and theoretical formations.
> Within these three areas Africana Studies graduate students are be  
> able to explore the breadth and depth of the discipline while  
> developing capacity and competence in distinct areas of scholarship.
> The department offers graduate students the opportunity to study and  
> research for one semester or one year at one of its trilateral  
> research consortium partner institutions – the Centre for African  
> Studies at the University of Cape Town or the Centre for Caribbean  
> Thought at the University of West Indies, Mona.  These institutions  
> offer extensive faculty expertise, course offerings, and research  
> resources relevant to Africana Studies.
> The goal of the graduate program in Africana Studies at Brown is to  
> rigorously prepare students to develop new and innovative  
> scholarship that explores and analyzes the distinct contributions of  
> Africana cultural, intellectual, political, and artistic productions  
> as well as critically investigate and develop new methods and  
> theories of critical interdisciplinary scholarship.
> *Admission Information*
> *Writing Sample*: Required (20-25 pages)
> *GRE General Subject* : Required
> *GRE Subject* : Not Required
> *Application Deadline* : January 2, 2012
> Visit the***Brown University Graduate School***at http://brown.edu/gradschool/apply/online-application**for 
>  application information and procedures.
> For more information about the Department visit us at http://brown.edu/Departments/Africana_Studies/ 
> .

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