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> Subject: CFP: The Eleventh Annual Underground Railroad Public  
> History Conference
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> Call for Proposals:    “The UGR Turned On Its Head - Old Themes, New  
> Directions” The Eleventh Annual Underground Railroad Public History  
> Conference Organized by Underground Railroad History Project of the  
> Capital Region, Inc.
> April 13 - 15, 2012 at Russell Sage College, Troy, New York
> New research on the Underground Railroad, slavery, abolition and the  
> 19th century period has the potential to turn what we know about the  
> Underground Railroad on its head. Old assumptions such as "There is  
> little documentation of the Underground Railroad", "The UGRR was a  
> string of safe houses to Canada" and numerous other ideas are  
> challenged by new research and interpretations.  New discoveries and  
> interpretations will be the basis for 2012 UGR Public History
> Conference. We invite proposals that address reinterpretations, new  
> research, teaching using new research, and showing how such research  
> can be used to celebrate the story historically and contemporarily,  
> as well as other proposals related to the Underground Railroad in  
> the past and its relationship with us today.
> Possible questions to be considered:
>   ·          What documented details can be gathered regarding UGRR  
> activists  and freedom seekers in specific counties and communities?
>   ·          What was the role of David Walker, Benjamin Lundy and  
> others before Garrison in the creation of the radical abolitionist  
> movement?
>   ·          How did the War of 1812 lay a framework for later  
> escapes by the enslaved?
>   ·          How does the story of the re-discovered slave rebellion  
> of 1811 in Louisiana relate to the Northeast or other parts of the  
> country?
>   ·          What are the increasingly detailed accounts of UGRR  
> figures such as Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, David Ruggles,  
> Harriet Jacobs and how can they be interpreted for better  
> understanding of this history?
>   ·          How can we preserve the voices of the past and relate  
> them to us today?
>   ·          What are the international connections with UGrR  
> accounts being reclaimed in the US?
>    Proposals on related questions, not directly on this theme, are  
> also welcomed.                                             Proposals  
> may be for a 60-minute panel session, workshop, cultural/artistic  
> activity, media production, poster, or other exhibit that addresses  
> these questions and this theme. When possible, activities should  
> encourage audience interaction. Proposals should include: title,  
> brief content description, type of presentation, names and contact  
> information of presenters, target audience, and technology needs.
>     Proposals should be submitted by September 30, 2011
> Via postal mail to URHPCR, PO Box 10851, Albany NY 12201 or via  
> email to urhpcr2012 at gmail.com
> For more information, visit <www.ugrworkshop.com> or call 518-432-4432
>     “The gold standard of Underground Railroad  
> conferences...bringing together an extraordinary spectrum of  
> attendees, ranging from noted scholars and authors to large numbers  
> of interested laypeople, in spirited and informative workshops which  
> both bring history alive and open new avenues of research.”   --  
> Fergus M. Bordewich, author, Bound for Canaan

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