[Blackstudies-l] Spring 2013 Africana/ Black Studies courses

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Dear Africana/ Black Studies community,

I'd like to draw your attention to two new courses that will count  
toward the Africana Studies minor and Black Studies major.


Dance 340 Black Masculinities: The Body and Performance. This course  
explores the concept of masculinity in American and African American  
culture.  Focusing on the black male body, we will examine the  
contested nature of black masculine representation, its performance,  
and perception in contemporary society and culture.  This class  
bridges theoretical perspectives and lived experiences of black men to  
reveal the tensions between ideal notions of masculinity and their  
personal narratives.  We will engage the work of scholars and artists  
such as James Baldwin, Don Belton, Patricia Hill Collins, Beverley Guy- 
Sheftall, Phillip Brian Harper, bell hooks, E. Patrick Johnson, Dwight  
McBride, Kobena Mercer, Mark Anthony Neal, Marlon Riggs, and others.

HIST 388 Sahara World. This course is designed to introduce students  
to the main events and themes that unite the societies and cultures of  
the Sahara, North Africa, and the Sudan/Sahel, from the earliest times  
to the present with a particular focus on the 15th-19th centuries.   
The African continent has been central to the development of world  
history (the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and beyond) and for much  
of that time, the Sahara has been a key crossroads of trade and  
intellectual exchange. Key themes to be addressed include trade,  
intellectual thought, the environment, political change, religion,  
gender, identity, and colonialism. We will also explore how Saharan  
societies have affected both European and sub-Saharan African  
societies and were themselves impacted by this contact.

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