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We are proud to announce the Spring 2013 Alan Lutkus International Film
Series schedule.  Please announce and attend our exciting new slate of
films showing February 28, March 28, and April 11.  All screenings are in
Newton 204 at 7:00 and open and free to the public:

FEB 28:  Little Senegal  (Algeria, France, Germany 2001; 97 min.)  A
provocative exploration of critical issues in the making of community among
Black Americans and Black immigrants in Harlem’s Le Petit Senegal. One
man’s efforts to recover his ancestral roots expose changing gender roles,
the limits of patriarchy, and the complexity of culture made in the
present. Discussant: Dr. Kodjo Adabra, Languages and Literatures.

MARCH 28: Bamako (Mali, USA, France 2006: 115 min.)  Set in Bamako, Mali,
the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) figure as the
culprits of Africa’s economic woes in this mock-documentary that targets
the Inequitable distribution of wealth associated with Colonialism and the
imbalance between the West and the world’s developing nations.Discussant:
Dr. Jennifer Lofkrantz, History.

APRIL 11: The Open Door (Egypt, 1964; 104 min.)  Based on a landmark novel
most bold for its time (1960), this film traces the coming of age of young
Layla, a middle-class girl from Egypt, during her country’s pre-1952
Revolution nationalist movement and resistance that culminated in the 1956
Suez Crisis. Discussant: Dr. Amr ELsherif Fulbright Scholar in Residence.
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