[Blackstudies-l] I need your help filling Emilye's shoes when she is on leave

Maria Lima lima at geneseo.edu
Thu Aug 21 10:17:58 EDT 2014

Please share the information on joining the blackstudies listserv with new
faculty and students who may be interested in the major/minor:


It is also time to let me know whether you are teaching a class that may
count towards the major/minor, so I can create a list for 2015 Spring.

I'm copying below the course list for this semester for the drop-ad period
in case your advisees need to be reminded on what counts for the major:
Black Studies, Fall 2014 Classes*

DANC 103 01 Jazz Dance I-Lec  2.0 T 1000am-1115am SCHRAD 152
Scodese-French, Deborah A. 25

DANC 103 02 Jazz Dance I-Stu 0.0 R 1000am-1115am SCHRAD 152 Scodese-French,
Deborah A.

DANC 303 01 Jazz Dance III-Lec  2.0 T 400pm- 515pm BRODIE 152 Broomfield,
Mark Anthony 25

DANC 303 requires permission of the instructor. DANC 303 02 Jazz Dance
III-Stu  0.0 R 400pm- 515pm BRODIE 152 Broomfield, Mark Anthony 2

**ENGL 203 01 R&T:Jean Toomers CaneIntertext  4.0 M F 230pm- 410pm WELLES
216 McCoy, Beth A. (ENGL 203 is restricted to English majors, minors,
concentrators until April 14.)

**ENGL 360 01 M/Post-ColLit:Black BritishLit 4.0 MT RF 230pm- 320pm NEWTON
212 Lima, Maria

**ENGL 488 01 Exp:Apocalyptic Black Fiction 4.0 W F 1030am-1210pm WELLES
216 McCoy, Beth A.

FREN 326  01 M / Early non-European Francophone Civilizations 3.0 Mondays
4:00pm- 6:30pm in Welles 133 Adabra, Kodjo

GEOG 263 01 M/Geog of Sub-Saharan Africa 3.0 M W 1130am-1245pm BAILEY 204
Rogalsky, Jennifer

HIST 164 01 S/U/African Am HistoryFrom1877  3.0 W F 100pm- 215pm STURGS 223
Adams, Catherine Johnson

*HIST 380 01 AdSt-LACAANAHis:SlaveryWrldHis  3.0 M W 1130am-1245pm STURGS
104 Lofkrantz, Jennifer  (*Must do research paper on an explicitly Black
Studies topic. See instructor for specifics.)

**If you are a non-English major interested in an English classes, please
see the instructor as soon as possible to take care of pre-requisite forms.

Please see Maria Lima, English Department and 2014-15 coordinator of
Africana/ Black Studies, for advising and other questions. Lima at geneseo.edu.


Best wishes for a productive year.

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