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Mon Sep 22 16:10:51 EDT 2014

Africana Studies/Black Studies students should contact Dr. McCoy (
mccoy at geneseo.edu) as soon as possible about registering for these classes.
If no Africana Studies/Black Studies students claim the reserved seats, the
seats will have to be released to English majors.

ENGL 337: African American Literature This particular section functions
somewhat as what Elsa Barkley Brown might call a "serious improvisation"
considering private property and cultural appropriation (or, as Nicholas
Brady has termed it more appropriately, cultural obliteration). We will
explore a series of critical and creative problems (I am using the term
"problem" in the sense that W.E.B. DuBois uses it), including
anthologization, reading aloud and vernaculars, aesthetics, and recursion.

ENGL 458: Major Authors/Octavia Butler In this course, we will read most of
the work by Octavia E. Butler, path-forging/mind-expanding writer of
speculative fiction.

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