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   ivetteromero posted: " Dominican Black Studies, a special issue of The
Black Scholar: Journal of Black Studies and Research, guest edited by Raj
Chetty and Amaury Rodríguez, is now available online. Keep a look out for
the print version, due out this summer. Description:"    Respond to this
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<http://repeatingislands.com/author/ivetteromero/>  The Black
Scholar 45.2: “Dominican Black Studies”
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*[image: 1965]

*Dominican Black Studies, a special issue of The Black Scholar: **Journal
of Black Studies and Research**, **guest edited by Raj Chetty and Amaury
Rodríguez, is now available online. Keep a look out for the print version,
due out this summer.*

*Description*: This special issue of *The Black Scholar* examines the
complexity of black cultural politics in the Dominican Republic. The
contributions analyze Dominican racial relations against the grain of the
cross-disciplinary consensus, primarily U.S.-based, that focuses on
Dominicans’ “negrophobia,” “anti-Haitianism,” and “self-hatred.” In this
way, the issue inserts itself into a globally comparative Black Studies,
exploring articulations and disarticulations between blackness in the US,
the Dominican Republic, and Haiti, but also moving beyond the politically
limiting demands for Dominicans’ black self-recognition.

The articles include theoretical explorations of Dominican blackness, an
historical analysis of the racial legacies of the first U.S. occupation of
the Dominican Republic, an empirical analysis of Dominicans’ contemporary
racial language and identification, and an analysis of the intersections
between Dominican blackness and women’s respectability.

The issue also features translations of Dominican non-fiction and poetry.
One translation is of an excerpt from Diógenes Abréu’s 2013 essay, “Sin
haitianidad no hay dominicanidad” (Without Haitianness There is no
Dominicanness). The other three translations are of poets (Juan Sánchez
Lamouth, Jacques Viau-Renaud, and Ramón Francisco) who are part of a strong
but minor counter-racist tradition of Dominican writing dating back to the
1950s that has received little attention outside of the island. U.S.-based
Dominican poet Marianela Medrano also contributes a new poem to the issue.

Also in the issue are reviews of recent Spanish- and English- language
works in Dominican Studies that have a direct bearing on black studies.

​Preview issue with free access to Translating Blackness: Dominicans
Negotiating Race and Belonging
<http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00064246.2015.1012993>, by
Lorgia García-Peña.

To preview and purchase more articles in this issue, please go here

For information on subscribing to *The Black Scholar*, please go here
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