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Please share the information below with students.  I am struggling to get
students to come out to an information session, although once they come,
they're signing up.  Your explanation that this course is specifically for
non-majors is helpful as many students have heard only about the course for
Biology majors, and don't believe that there is a course for students in
other majors also.  You can also explain that though the cost seems high,
more is included in the program fee for this program than for many others,
and expenses in country can be very low.
Thanks, and I hope to stop sending these emails soon!

Study Abroad in Ghana

Need general education credit?  Earn Natural Science core credit while
studying abroad in Ghana!  Contemporary Biology is exclusively for
non-science majors, and will place the study of health and environment in
cultural, social, political and economic context. It offers the opportunity
to visit four diverse regions in Ghana, and includes significant class time
at sites such as hospitals, clinics, community development projects,
protected environmental areas, and more.

More information, including cost, is available on the Geneseo study Abroad
web site.  In addition, there are two information sessions coming up this
week and next:

   - This Wednesday November 11 during the all-college hour (2:30-3:30) in
   ISC 115, and
   - Next Tuesday November 17 at 7:30 in ISC 137

Thanksgiving Break is a good time to talk with family about Study Abroad,
and attending an information session before the break will be helpful in
initiating this discussion.

If cost is the only potential barrier, please visit the Study Abroad
Office, where they can help you figure out resources. In terms of cost,
this program offers good value, in that it includes not only airfare,
accommodation, transportation, and all site visits (including a safari!)
and other class activities, but also many meals. Additional purchases,
whether food, souvenirs or gifts, are economical, due to the low cost of
living in Ghana relative to the US.

For more information, contact Susan Bandoni Muench (bandoni at geneseo.edu) in
the Biology Department or Jo Kirk (kirk at geneseo.edu) in International

Susan Bandoni Muench
Professor of Biology
Spencer J. Roemer Professor 2012-15
SUNY Geneseo
1 College Circle
Geneseo NY 14454
Phone: 585-245-5309
Fax: 585-245-5007
bandoni at geneseo.edu
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