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Following Crosby's suggestion, we'll make it a slot course.

BLKS 288 Black Lives Matter:

I told Carol that if I don't get 15 students this spring, the course can be
canceled, so I'm going to need your help recruiting students.

Please also let me know if the course you will be teaching this spring can
count towards the major/minor.  The Dean's Office wants to know.

BLKS 288: Black Lives Matter: an Interdisciplinary Introduction

Maria Helena Lima

Spring 2016

W 4-7  PM

This moment in time when Geneseo students seem to be struggling to make
sense of how frequently black lives can be destroyed legally through
frequently unpunished police brutality and mass incarceration, seems to be
right for a course to explore Black HUMANITY across history and disciplines
against systemic inequality.  We will begin by looking at the “science” of
the 19th century that deemed Africans as less capable of reason to justify
enslaving them.  The Slave Trade transformed the world creating the wealth
of Europe but also the literatures and arts of the Black Atlantic.  We will
spend some time trying to understand *Negritude*, a philosophical movement
that attempted to characterize a different being for black people and what
was wrong with it.  We will end the semester with a close reading of Paul
Gilroy’s *Against Race* (2000).  At the core of our efforts will be the
emerging racial justice movement on the streets of Ferguson, New York City
and Baltimore (to name only a few).

Required Texts:

Ta-Nehisi Coates. *Between the World and Me* (2015).

Paul Gilroy. *Against Race* (2000).

Michelle M.  Wright. *Becoming Black: Creating Identity in the African
Diaspora *(2004).

All Readings in Mycourses

Maria Helena Lima
Department of English
Comparative Literature Director
Welles 225A
SUNY Geneseo
Geneseo, NY 14454

(585) 245-5242
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