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£16.99 / $24.95
ISBN: 9781783608843

State of Rebellion Violence and Intervention in the Central African
Republic  Louisa Lombard
Published 15 December 2016

   - The first book to provide a detailed analysis of the recent conflict
   in CAR, challenging common explanations of the violence as a result of
   religious divides, political manipulations or profiteering

   - Based on original fieldwork in the country's northeast, where the
   Seleka rebellion originated

   - An urgent insight into this little understood country, and the broader
   problems with peacebuilding

Read the table of contents here

‘Brilliant... Provides a magisterial reading of the role of violence in the
making of the CAR. Authoritative, nuanced, and empirically rich, Lombard
offers a new and compelling lens through which so-called state failure and
post-conflict transitions can be understood.’

Michael Watts, University of California, Berkeley (Emeritus)

‘This valuable, indeed important, study helps us make sense of a
little-known but strategically important African country. Those who wish to
know Africa today need to know this book.’

Paul Richards, author of *No Peace, No War: An Anthropology of Contemporary
Armed Conflicts*

‘If you want to understand why the CAR seems a perpetual work in regress,
then Louisa Lombard’s book is a must-read. Her new perspectives illuminate
a neglected recess of globalization.’

Stephen W. Smith, Duke University

‘In this stimulating and provocative book, Louisa Lombard proposes a new
approach to peace-keeping, peace enforcement and humanitarian action that
rests upon a politics of redistribution and acknowledgement of the social
dignity of fighters lacking a state.’

Jean-François Bayart, Graduate Institute Geneva

‘With a stunning combination of conceptual clarity and vivid ethnography,
Louisa Lombard’s book challenges conventional wisdom on the roots of
violence in the CAR. A must-read for anyone wanting to engage with current
debates on peace-building and state-building initiatives.’

Marielle Debos, University Paris Ouest Nanterre

In 2013, the Central African Republic was engulfed by violence. In the face
of its rapid spread, journalists, politicians, and academics alike
struggled to account for the conflict's origins.

In this first comprehensive account of the country’s recent conflicts,
Louisa Lombard shows the limits of the superficial explanations - that the
violence has been due to a religious divide, or politicians’ manipulations,
or profiteering - thus far offered. Instead, she shows that conflict has
long been useful to Central African politics, a tendency that has been
exacerbated by the international community’s method of engagement with
so-called ‘fragile states’.

This book is an urgent insight into this little understood country, and the
problems with peacebuilding more broadly.

*Louisa Lombard* is an assistant professor of anthropology at Yale
University. She has worked in CAR as a field consultant to several
international organizations, including Human Rights Watch and the World
Bank. Her previous books include *Making Sense of the Central African
Republi*c (Zed 2015).

*State of Rebellion *is published on 15 December 2016 by Zed Books, priced
£16.99 | $24.95 | ISBN: 9781783608843 | 304 pages

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