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""Migrations of Cultures" - Undergraduate Conference in the Modern Languages

To be held at the University of Pittsburgh, March 30-31, 2017

Calling all Advisors, spread the word to your students!

Do you want to share your ideas with other undergraduate students? Or get
feedback on a paper? Maybe you are considering graduate school in one of
the modern languages and want to get some conference experience and
practice your presentation skills? Please consider sending an abstract to
this exciting conference we are planning at the University of Pittsburgh.

Abstracts should be emailed to mecchia at pitt.edu; deadline is December 9,

Conference papers should address the concept of cultural migrations in the
broadest sense of the term, that is, immigrations and emigrations in real
and virtual space, linked to movements of people(s), language(s), and
culture(s). We are looking for multiple disciplinary, geographic, and
historical perspectives reflecting the conflicts and opportunities created
by shifting flows of populations, languages, and cultural traditions,
throughout the ages and in the contemporary world. The language of the
conference will be English but we welcome papers addressing Arabic,
Chinese, Creole, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian,
and Spanish languages and cultures.

This bi-annual conference for undergraduate students is organized and
hosted by the Modern Language programs at the University of Pittsburgh and
will feature a prominent keynote speaker in addition to the papers
presented by undergraduates.

Topics include:

Multilingual societies and their conflicts ("language wars") and advantages;

Linguistic landscapes and their evolution;

Translation as a political tool;

Literatures of the diaspora;

Circulation of texts through multiple areas and in multiple languages;

Travel literature through the ages;

Exiles, migrants, and refugees;

Processes of acculturation;

The politics of literary prizes;

Films and the problems of cultural translation.

Papers should be twenty minutes long. Papers will be selected by a
committee that includes undergraduate students from the University of
Pittsburgh. Students who submit abstracts will be notified by January 15,
2017. Limited travel subsidies available!"

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