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Jun Okada okada at geneseo.edu
Tue Apr 4 12:47:34 EDT 2017

Dear Students:

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a new course Fall 2017:
Black Cinema.  It surveys the fascinating, rich history of films made by
and about African Americans from the silent era to today.  If you are
interested in Black Studies, Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Film History,
etc., this is for you!  See below for description:

BLKS 288: Black Cinema-Lect.

T R 11:30-12:45; Lab. T 6:00-7:15

Professor Jun Okada

Black Cinema: History and Representation examines the history of Black
Cinema in the United States, beginning with the silent films of Oscar
Micheaux to the recent Academy award winning Moonlight (Barry Jenkins
2016).  While our emphasis will be on films produced and directed by
African Americans, we will also consider the relationship between Black
filmmakers, performers, and spectators and the Hollywood and Global film
industries. Topics to be covered include economic strategies (independent
vs. “mainstream” approaches), the politics of representation and self
representation in film and other forms of media, the relationship between
Black Cinema and other forms of Black culture/art, and filmmaking as
political practice.

Jun Okada PhD
Author of *Making Asian American Film and Video: History, Institutions,
Associate Professor
Department of English, State University of New York, Geneseo
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