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*NiLP Note: The NoVo Foundation is committing $90 million to a new grants
program address the needs of girls of color at both the local and national
levels. I wonder how many Latino organizations and individials are aware of
this resource and are actively pursuing support of issues affecting Latina

*For details on how to apply for these grants, click here
If you apply, let us know how you did.*

*---Angelo Falcón*

Buffett foundation unveils
$90M plan to help girls of color
By Deepti Hajela (Associated Press)
Star Tribune
(April 13, 2017)

NEW YORK - In the 15-year existence of her girls' empowerment organization,
Joanne Smith has dealt with funders and donors but never quite like this: a
foundation putting $90 million toward helping girls of color by letting
them determine their needs instead of being told what the funds have to be
used for.

The NoVo Foundation, founded in 2006 by Jennifer and Peter Buffett, the
youngest son and daughter-in-law of billionaire investor Warren Buffett,
officially announced on Thursday how its $90 million commitment over seven
years will be carried out.

It comes a year after the New York City-based foundation first announced
the investment and spent the intervening time talking to minority girls and
advocates around the country about how best to carry it out. At the time,
the foundation said it was the largest single investment aimed specifically
at this demographic.

What was heard was that different communities of minority girls face
different issues, and "one size fits all was never going to work in terms
of the kind of support we offer," said Pamela Shifman, executive director
of the foundation. "We wanted to let girls of color and their advocates
really determine their most important needs because they are the experts on
their own lives."

Minority girls are disproportionately affected by a number of social ills,
including poverty and sexual assault, but are largely overlooked in
philanthropic giving, she said.

The foundation is allocating money in three ways. One stream of grants will
be open to community-based organizations around the country that work
directly with minority girls. Another stream will focus specifically on the
Southeastern United States and, through a regional partner, allocate funds
to existing groups as well as new organizations and even people working
with minority girls outside of formal organizations. The third will go
toward supporting national policy and research organizations that focus on
issues facing women and girls of color.

Shifman said applications for the various streams would be accepted over
the next several weeks, with the first grants being distributed in the
fall. She said the foundation was expecting to distribute about $13 million
in the first year of funding.

The foundation said the focus on creating the first regional hub in the
Southeast was because of how much the area has been neglected by
philanthropy, especially in terms of supporting work focused on girls of
color, even though it said 40 percent of the nation's girls of color live
in the South.

That's very welcome, said Kameisha Smith, who works with girls in Durant,
Mississippi, and throughout the Mississippi Delta through the Nollie
Jenkins Family Center. She appreciated the process, which saw people from
NoVo coming down to her area and being taken through their rural

"Our organizing work looks very different from organizing in New York," she
said. "Our success looks different than success in New York."

Smith, founder of the Brooklyn-based Girls for Gender Equity, said she'd
never had a funder approach grants from a position of following the
guidance of the people doing the work to say what the needs are. She's
worked with NoVo before and appreciated the opportunity "to be able to do
the work that you have set forth as a priority, not them."

That's the point, Peter Buffett said. Instead of picking a singular focus
area, "I'd rather see organizational capacity get built so they can decide."
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