[Blackstudies-l] a book Milne should have :)

Maria Lima lima at geneseo.edu
Sun Apr 16 07:08:07 EDT 2017

RC folks might find this book of possible interest (despite its huge
price).  We’d appreciate it if you got your libraries to order it.  Review
copies can be obtained from www.cambridge.org/academic/request-review-copy/

All best, Paul

A HISTORY OF  American Working-ClassLiteratureEDITED BY Nicholas Coles and
Paul Lauter

20% off at


*A History of American Working-Class Literature *sheds light not only on
the lived experience of class but the enormously varied creativity of
working-class people throughout the history of what is now the United
States. By charting a chronology of working-class experience, as the
conditions of work have changed over time, this volume shows how the
practice of organizing, economic competition, place, and time shape
opportunity and desire.

Among the literary forms discussed are memoir, journalism, film, drama,
poetry, speeches, fiction, and song. Essays focus on plantation, prison,
factory, and farm, as well as on labor unions, workers’ theaters, and
innovative publishing ventures. Chapters spotlight the intersections of
class with race, gender, and place. The variety, depth, and many
provocations of this History are certain to enrich the study and teaching
of American literature.

Paul Lauter

Allan K. & Gwendolyn Miles Smith

Professor of Literature (Emeritus)

Trinity College

Hartford, CT 06106 (USA)

Res: 500 East 77th St, NY, NY 10162

Tel/ fax: 212-570-0997 <(212)%20570-0997>

Mobile: 646-824-8538 <(646)%20824-8538>

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