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CTWD Educational Newsletter
vol. 2
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*Educational Newsletter: April 2017 Edition*

Welcome to the latest edition of our Educational Newsletter! This month we
are featuring a selection of  documentaries about the STEELPAN and its
global influence on music, culture and education.

*The Steelpan was the only musical instrument invented in the 20th
Century. *Legend has it that Winston "Spree" Simon invented the first steel
pan in 1939.  It is the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago and is
recognized and celebrated as a musical phenomenon worldwide.

has a huge catalogue
Caribbean-themed educational films with topics that include history,
community, family, sports, arts and more. Our films are used as teaching
aids in Sociology, Humanities, Caribbean Literature, Anthropology,
Caribbean Studies, Cultural Studies, Caribbean Diaspora, Immigration and
additional subjects.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on our Legacy titles and new educational
*April Spotlight:*
*Panomundo Part 1
*: *
*The Evolution of the SteelPan *
Directed by: Charysse Tia Harper
Trinidad & Tobago, USA and UK
2015 | 43 min | English

A documentary about the history of the steelpan and its global influence.
Part 2 will cover Pan Worldwide and will include the steelpan’s influence
in the UK, US, Canada, Switzerland, Nigeria and Japan, featuring bands and
steelpan legends internationally — including Lennox “Boogsie” Sharp, Earl
La Pierre, Sr., Michael “Manish” Robinson, Russ Henderson and others.

*CATEGORIES:* Caribbean History; Cultural Studies; Caribbean
Diaspora; Musicology; Performing Arts
Click here to view the Panomundo Trailer!

Click here to view all Pan trailers!
*Atiba Williams:*

*The youngest person to ever, in Trinidadian History, arrange their own Pan

*Director:* Christopher Laird
Short Film | Trinidad & Tobago | 2000 | 7 mins | English

This film, created to educate children on the Steelpan, follows
nine-year-old Atiba Williams, the youngest person to arrange music for a
steelband during the Panorama competition. This film looks at a day in his
life, from being home with family, to school with friends, to rehearsal to
performance with band members.
*CATEGORIES:* Caribbean History; Cultural Studies; Caribbean
Diaspora; Musicology; Performing Arts
*Let's Play Pan:*

*Instructional *

*The evolution from the skin drum to the steel drum and its introduction to
Toronto. *

*Director:* Ian Jones
 | United Kingdom
2011 | 97 min

A historical chronicle of the development of the steelpan in Trinidad and
Tobago – the socio-economic conditions that gave birth  to the only
complete family of  tuned, acoustic percussion instruments. A visit to
Panyard Steelpan factory shows how the instruments are manufactured and
maintained by master tuners.
*CATEGORIES:* Caribbean History; Cultural Studies; Caribbean
Diaspora; Musicology; Performing Arts
*Heart Beat:*

*Ian Jones *

*Ian Jones on how the SteelPan is changing lives in Canada and throughout
the world.*

*Directors:* Rany Ly, Paul Nguyen | Documentary | Canada | 2007 |22.5 min

This film follows Ian Jones, who is a legendary steelpan player and
composer. He teaches marginalized young people to play the steelpan. Thus,
he instils in them discipline and hope for the future. He shines as both an
innovative musician and a social activist for the betterment of our young
people today.
*CATEGORIES:* Caribbean History; Cultural Studies; Caribbean
Diaspora; Musicology; Performing Arts

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