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£24.99 / £17.49
$34.95 / $24.48
ISBN: 9781783607136

The Rise of Africa's Middle Class Myths, Realities and Critical
Engagements  Henning
Melber (ed.)
Published 15 December 2016

   - The first comprehensive volume to offer a critical perspective on the
   role of the new middle classes in contemporary Africa

   - Features a wide array of case studies from across Sub-Saharan Africa
   written by on-the-ground researchers and leading experts

   - Covers some highly topical issues, including black middle-class
   support for the ANC in South Africa, and anti-government activism in

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‘As this empirically grounded book richly demonstrates, there would be
little left to write home about being middle class, even by modest African
standards, if middle class Africans were to seriously consider including
fellow citizens in the personal success they are credited with.’

Francis B. Nyamnjoh, University of Cape Town

‘Subjects recent hype about the rise of the middle class in Africa to
sceptical and critical analysis. An essential read for all engaging with
the middle classes in development debate.’

Gordon Crawford, Coventry University

‘This intellectually ambitious and innovative collection combines
sophisticated analysis with detailed case studies. Timely and hugely
relevant, it marks a leap forward in our understanding of the
middle classes.’

Uma Kothari, University of Manchester

‘The first systematic examination of the concept of an African middle
class. It provides a valuable conceptual discussion along with in-depth
case studies. This timely and critical analysis also offers meaningful
alternative interpretations of the major social transformations
taking place.’

Dominique Darbon, Sciences Po Bordeaux

‘A very timely work with an impressive empirical width, and a sharp,
well-referenced analytical edge.’

Göran Therborn, author of *Cities of Power*

Across Africa, a burgeoning middle class has become the poster child for
the 'Africa rising' narrative. Ambitious, aspirational, and increasingly
affluent, this group is said to embody the values and hopes of the new
Africa, with international bodies ranging from the United Nations
Development Programme to the World Bank regarding them as important agents
of both economic development and democratic change. This narrative,
however, obscures the complex and often ambiguous role that this group
actually plays in African societies.

Bringing together economists, political scientists, and development
experts, and spanning a variety of case studies from across the continent,
this collection provides a much-needed corrective to the received wisdom
within development circles, and provides a fresh perspective on social
transformations in contemporary Africa.

*Henning Melber *is senior adviser and director emeritus of the Dag
Hammarskjöld Foundation. He is extraordinary professor at the Department of
Political Sciences, University of Pretoria, and at the Centre for Africa
Studies, University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, as well as senior
adviser at the Nordic Africa Institute.

*The Rise of Africa's Middle Class *is published 15 December 2016 by Zed
Books | ISBN: 9781783607136 | 232 pages

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