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> DEADLINE: February 1, 2017
> Black lives have always mattered. While the Black Lives Matter movement has reminded the nation of the persistent reality of contemporary discrimination that black lives also matter — that black men and women should be treated with equal dignity in every quarter of American life, including by law enforcement – black lives have always mattered because all lives matter.
> It is in this spirit that 2Leaf Press is pleased to announce an open submission call for its forthcoming anthology, BLACK LIVES HAVE ALWAYS MATTERED, A Collection of Essays, Poems, and Personal Narratives, edited by Abiodun Oyewole, a founding member of the Last Poets and author of BRANCHES OF THE TREE OF LIFE (2leaf Press, 2014). Publication date is April 15, 2017. The purpose of this anthology is to articulate how racism continues to constrain the possibilities, and the very humanity of, African Americans. Editor Oyewole will deftly wield various modes of expression to give a polyphonic voice to both the “small” daily slights experienced by black people and the persistent, pervasive life-threatening and life-taking acts that have existed for generations that have dominated news reports in recent years, and have given rise to new social justice movements. Oyewole is open to critically written essays (that are readable to the general public), personal narratives (that share personal experiences) and poetry (that is extremely well-written and are of the highest caliber). This collection is not intended as an easy read – how could it be? – but it is an urgent one.
> Interested? Visit our website <http://cts.vresp.com/c/?TheInterculturalAlli/0119fd4ccb/2449d8d51a/652c51d8a0> for submission requirements.
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