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*Weekend reading on nybooks.com <http://nybooks.com>: *How the Klan in the
1920s served up racism in all-American patriotic colors, Edvard Munch’s
profound connection with the forest, and Hart Crane’s great poem.

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*Ku Klux Klambakes* <http://nyrevinc.cmail20.com/t/y-l-hudynl-tllljthykj-t/>
Adam Hochschild

Most of us who grow up in the United States learn a reassuring narrative of
ever-expanding tolerance. But a parallel, much darker river runs through
American history.


*Norwegian Woods* <http://nyrevinc.cmail20.com/t/y-l-hudynl-tllljthykj-h/>
Ingrid D. Rowland

Edvard Munch was never simply a Norwegian artist. His appeal, like his own
life, has always been both local and cosmopolitan at the same time.
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Timothy Garton-Ash on Germany
Ange Mlinko on W.S. Merwin
David Shulman on Shimon Peres
Jerome Groopman on the deaf
Diane Ravitch on big money politics
Phillip Lopate on Hong Sang-soo
Robert Cottrell on Masha Gessen
David Salle on Louise Bourgeois
G.W. Bowersock on the Qur’an
Madeleine Schwartz on Jenny Diski


*NYR Daily*

*Hart Crane’s View from the Bridge*
Langdon Hammer

Crane’s long poem survived the wreck of his career to become a message in a
bottle tossed up on shore for future readers to discover and decode.


*The Non-Actor <http://nyrevinc.cmail20.com/t/y-l-hudynl-tllljthykj-n/>*

A sprawling, eclectic series surveys how filmmakers have invoked the notion
of the “non-actor.”
*Film Society of Lincoln Center, through December 10*


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