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Just to add on to this announcement. Two Geneseo alums, Cory Young and
Andreas Meyris, are editors at *Activist History Review*. Both are working
on their PhDs in history.

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> Call for Contributors for October 2017 Issue on “The Road to
> Charlottesville”
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> by William Horne
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> The byline reflects the original authorship.
> Type:
> Call for Papers
> Date:
> September 15, 2017
> Subject Fields:
> Race Studies, African American History / Studies, Black History / Studies,
> Chicana/o History / Studies, Indigenous Studies
> *The Activist History Review* invites article proposals for our October
> issue, “The Road to Charlottesville.”
> America’s past is peppered with white supremacist figures and movements.
> These have often merged the language of equality with virulent racism to
> undermine equality in practice. From southern resistance to Reconstruction
> through the breakup of Jim Crow legal segregation, white supremacists have
> engaged in a multitude of tactics, violent or otherwise, to enforce racial
> hierarchy. Despite the Civil Rights legislation of the mid-1960s, white
> backlash to perceived “advantages” given to racial minorities crystallized
> in historical moments like Alabama Governor George Wallace’s nearly
> successful 1972 Democratic primary race, the busing riots that erupted
> throughout the north, and the growth of neo-Nazi “skinhead” hate crimes.
> The “Unite the Right” rally that took place in Charlottesville, as well as
> the equivocation of many white conservatives in response, fits this
> longstanding trend.
> Since the 2016 election, white nationalists have been more vocal, more
> public, and more violent. Indeed, the term “alt-right,” though in use by
> ultra-conservative groups nearly a decade ago, was vaulted into the public
> lexicon because of its close association with the Trump campaign. Yet as
> participants in the “Unite the Right” rally passed statues of Robert E. Lee
> and Thomas Jefferson, carrying torches and chanting Nazi slogans, they
> placed themselves as part of a much longer historical narrative.
> While President Donald Trump played no small role in stoking the type of
> racist nationalism that provoked the “Unite the Right” rally, the forces
> that gathered at Charlottesville were centuries in the making. *TAHR* seeks
> essays that explore the events surrounding Charlottesville with an
> historical lens. Accepted articles will consider how the environment that
> produced the rally developed and matured.
> Potential topics include, but are certainly not limited to:
>    - The history of extremism.
>    - American fascism and anti-fascism.
>    - Lost Cause ideology.
>    - Conservative rhetoric and honoring the Confederacy.
>    - White backlash to equality.
>    - Civil rights movement(s) in the white mind.
>    - The history of violence in American politics.
>    - The links between fascism, Nazism, and neo-Confederate thought.
>    - Historical predecessors to the “alt-right.”
>    - Gender and Nationalism.
>    - False equivalency narratives in American conservatism.
> Proposals should be no more than 250 words for articles from 1250-2000
> words, and sould be emailed to William Horne at
> horne(dot)activisthistory(at)gmail(dot)com by Friday, September 15th at
> 11:59 PM. Please also include a short bio of no more than 100 words.
> Contact Email:
> horne.activisthistory at gmail.com
> URL:
> https://activisthistory.com/2017/08/30/call-for-
> contributors-for-october-2017-issue-on-the-road-to-charlottesville/
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South after the Civil War*
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