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> News Items of Interest to H-AfroAm
> by Shawn Leigh Alexander
> The Project on the History of Black Writing Blog »
> Linda Brown Thompson Obituary »
> The Ruling Named For Linda Brown Died Long Before She Did »
> The Unfulfilled Promise of Fair Housing »
> Stephan House, Draylen Mason, Stephon Clark: Terror Victims »
> Why Are So Many Unarmed Black People Being Killed by Police? Sacramento Activist Speaks Out »
> Enslaved People and Divorce in the African Diaspora »
> For the Compton Cowboys, Horseback Riding Is a Legacy, and Protection »
> “Linda Brown and the Unfinished Work of School Integration »
> How Memphis Gave Up on Dr. King’s Dream »
> Jesse Jackson on Martin Luther King's assassination: 'It redefined America' »
> The Whitewashing — and Resurrection — of Dr. King’s Legacy »
> A Primary Moral Position: Black Feminism and Self-Possession »
> The reign of Lew Alcindor in the age of revolt »
> Roseanne Is Back! And This Time I Am Not Tuning In »
> A killing in Baton Rouge: “Negrophobia” and the death of Alton Sterling »
> The White House views the killings of black men by police across the country as local issues. They aren’t. »
> Blackness, Gender, and the Non-normative »
> Racial segregation doesn’t just belong to the South. It belongs to all of us »
> Cheryl Brown Henderson: Many Brown v. Board players, plaintiffs deserve recognition »
> Race still trumps class for black Americans »
> Multiple and Interlocking: Black Lives Matter as a Lens »
> On War, Imperialism, and Racism »
> The death of Marielle Franco and the life of Afro-diasporic radicalism »
> “For the Black and White Youth of the South” »
> Black man down — again »
> An academic conference featured 30 white men and one white woman. How should the university respond? »
> Claudia Jones and Ending the Neglect of Black Women »
> Guns in the Family »
> How Memphis police leaders failed Martin Luther King Jr. »
> The New ‘Superpredator’ Myth »
> A timeline of Stephon Clark’s death at the hands of Sacramento police to the protest at the Kings game »
> Student Civil Rights Protesters From The 1960s Discuss 'March For Our Lives' »
> Racial Blindness »
> So Be It, See to It: From the Archives of Octavia Butler »
> Representing HBCUs: Spike Lee’s “School Daze” at 30 »
> Searching for the Black Organizational Past »
> What Gun-Control Activists Can Learn From the Civil-Rights Movement »
> Despite Terrorizing Black People, the Serial-Killing Suicide Bomber Was Not a Terrorist Because, Well ... He’s White »
> How a Small Seminar Course Engaged Readers Everywhere »
> Raising My Kids to Be Unapologetic American Muslims »
> King’s Vision for Education Was Grander Than Desegregation Alone »
> Tina Turner: the making of a rock'n'roll revolutionary »
> An End to the Class vs. Race Debate »
> Black Panther, Black Power, and the Black Nationalist Tradition »
> The Absence of Political Economy in African Diaspora Studies »
> Today’s Capitalism Was Born in Slavery »
> Marielle Franco’s Assassination: One of Tens of Thousands of Black Murders in Brazil »
> The Heavy Burden of Teaching My Son About American Racism »
> Martin Luther King Jr. Was Bailed Out by a Millionaire »
> White Skin, Black Emojis? »
> Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Miami’s History »
> Marielle Franco, Black Queer Women, and Police Violence in Brazil »
> Changing Realities, Digital and Physical: Marvel’s Black Panther and the Infinity War »
> AAIHS Forum on Black Panther »
> History, Memory, and the Power of Black Radio »
> How social media spread a historical lie »
> Police Violence and the Debate Over Gun Control »
> Why are so many walk-ons white? »
> The National Geographic Twins and the Falsehood of out Post-Racial Future »
> Let’s Not Forget What Happens When Students Walk Out to Save Black Lives »
> School Segregation Is Not a Myth »
> On the Limits of Boycotts as a Political Tool »
> Why the Kerner Commission Didn't Move the Needle on Racial Justice »
> Death and Memory From Mississippi to Chicago »
> The Stop: Racial profiling of drivers leaves legacy of anger and fear »
> The NCAA tournament and the billions of dollars that need to be shared »
> The Hidden History of Anna Murray Douglass »
> Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o: 'Resistance is the best way of keeping alive' »
> The Communist Reimagining of Black History »
> The Whitewashing of King’s Assassination »
> The NFL Wants Black Bodies ... Not Black People »
> Pioneering Historian Mines Black Women’s History »
> Black Children Will Be the Victims of Armed Teachers »
> Martin Luther King Jr. Saw Three Evils in the World »
> Turn Prisons Into Colleges »
> The Race-Based Mortgage Penalty »
> A Black Radical Defense of the Second Amendment »
> Black Panther Movie: A Black Face in a High Place »
> There Are Echoes of the Fugitive Slave Act in Today’s Immigration Debate »
> The Wire, 10 years on: ‘We tore the cover off a city and showed the American dream was dead’ »
> Where Fantasy Meets Black Lives Matter »
> Everyone is winning — the NCAA, schools, agents, coaches and fans — except the players »
> An Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st Century »
> Chicago’s Particular Cultural Scene and the Radical Legacy of Gwendolyn Brooks »
> AAIHS Forum on Keri Leigh Merritt's Masterless Men »
> Slavery and the History of Abolition: An Interview with Manisha Sinha »
> Why White Southern Conservatives Need to Defend Confederate Monuments »
> Erik Killmonger Is Not A 'Super-Villain,' He Is A Super-Victim Of Systemic Oppression »
> 'Black Panther': A Contrarian View »
> The Psychic Toll of Night Rides »
> Fifty Years Later, Kerner Report on Racial Inequality Is More Relevant and Unaddressed Than Ever »
> Oscar-nominated film about Emmett Till contemplates how racial terror affects those left behind »
> How Poverty and Racism Persist in Mississippi »
> The 1968 Kerner Commission Got It Right, But Nobody Listened »
> Echoes of Lynchings in Quiet Photos by David Gonzalez & Oliver Clasper »
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