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If you are still looking for a course for Fall 2018, consider enrolling in
S/*ANTH 231 Sociolinguistics*, which is dedicated to exploring issues at
the intersection of *language and gender. *The course is an elective in the
Anthropology, Linguistics, and Women's and Gender Studies programs and also
fulfills the S/ social sciences general education requirement. If you have
not taken the pre-req course (ANTH 120), feel free to email me (Dr.
Jennifer Guzmán, guzman at geneseo.edu) to discuss a pre-req override. Several
students have taken the course in the past at the same time as ANTH 120 or
without having the pre-req and have been very successful. I am happy to
answer questions you may have.

*ANTH 231 S/Sociolinguistics - focused on Language and Gender*
Partial course description:
This course introduces foundational theory and methods in interactional
sociolinguistics through a focus on the sociolinguistic subfield of
language and gender research. The view of gender adopted in the course is
an intersectional one – our gender is always and necessarily interrelated
with other domains of our social identity and plays out in systems of
social, political, and economic inequality. In the course we will examine
culturally specific ways that language varieties and linguistic choices
reflect, reproduce, and reshape social norms related to gender in diverse
communities of practice. Together we will explore: (1) how people use
language as a means for performing their gender, (2) how certain language
forms come to be associated with one gendered identity or another, and (3)
how gender norms are enforced through the policing of language.

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