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Melanie Medeiros medeiros at geneseo.edu
Tue Apr 17 12:32:16 EDT 2018

*Study Abroad in Cuba! (January 2 - 19, 2019)*
Information Session on Friday, 4/20 at 2:30pm in Bailey 201

*Course: *ANTH 216 S/M/ Race, Racism and the Black Experience in the
Americas, with guest lectures from Cuban scholars on Cuban history,
U.S.-Cuban Relations, health and medicine, gender, tourism, literature,
religion, music and dance.  ANTH 216 fulfills S/M/ requirements as well as
requirements for the Anthropology major and minor, Black Studies major and
minor, Sociomedical Sciences minor, and Latin American Studies Minor.

*Includes:* Daily scheduled activities and excursions with Cuban students
to cultural events (music, dance, theater), national parks, beaches,
museums, and to visit a hospital and clinic.

*Student Research:* Students will conduct life history interviews with
English-speaking Cuban students, and be interviewed by Cuban students as
part of a collaborative research project to be completed in the Spring 2019

*Total Credits:* 3 credits during the winter intersession and 1 credit
during the spring semester

*Application Deadline:* September 1, 2018
*Email:* medeiros at geneseo.edu for more information
*Facebook Page:* Geneseo in Cuba! <http://fb.me/GeneseoinCuba>
Geneseo Study Abroad in Cuba Page

*Anticipated Schedule:*
12/26-12/31: Pre-departure online coursework
1/2-1/3: Pre-departure retreat in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
1/4-1/19: Cuba
Spring 2019 semester: 1 credit's worth time commitment (2 to 3 hours per
week) to complete a group life history research project started in Cuba.

*ANTH 216 S/M/ Race, Racism and the Black Experience in the Americas Course
This course examines race, racism and the black experience in the Americas
from an anthropological perspective. Comparing and contrasting the lived
experiences of contemporary members of the African diaspora, it will
examine issues such as: the scientific and social construction of race;
racism and social and health inequality; whiteness and privilege; blackness
as an individual and social identity; and the intersection of race, gender,
and class. The course also examines the relationship between identity and
the production of cultural products such as music, dance, and religion
across the Americas. Lastly, the course explores social justice movements
and acts of resistance against discrimination and pervasive inequality.
Readings, films, written assignments, and discussions will underscore how
the politics of race and ethnicity as well as the discourse on culture and
identity, shape and influence social relations and individual experiences
throughout the Americas.

Melanie A. Medeiros, Ph.D.
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Coordinator, Sociomedical Sciences program
Department of Anthropology
SUNY Geneseo
Office: Bailey 106
Phone: 585-245-6264
Email: medeiros at geneseo.edu

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