[Blackstudies-l] SUNY-Geneseo's Department of Theatre and Dance and GENsperanza Proudly Present HEART OF THE EARTH: A POPOL VUH STORY

Kimberly Romano kr12 at geneseo.edu
Tue Feb 27 21:03:52 EST 2018

BIENVENIDOS DAMAS Y CABALLEROS to GENsperanza’s first anniversary
performance, produced by the SUNY-Geneseo Department of Theatre and Dance,
and directed by Kimberly Romano Reyes in partial fulfillment of her work in
Theatre 321: Directing II, in association with GENsperanza, Geneseo's
Latinx Student Performance Ensemble.

GENsperanza proudly presents HEART OF THE EARTH: A POPUL VUH STORY by
Cherríe Moraga.

Three performances are scheduled for Friday, March 2 (7:00 pm), Saturday,
March 3 (7:00 pm) and on Sunday, March 4 (2:00 pm), 2018. All performances
will be held in the Robert Sinclair Blackbox Theater in Brodie Hall and
admission is FREE.

HEART OF THE EARTH:  A POPUL VUH STORY is the Mayan creation myth of how
the first humans came to be. Moragas play is based on the actual Popul Vuh,
a sacred Mayan text. In this telling that follows three family generations,
Ixmucane and Ixpiyacoc are Gods of Uleu (Earth) who wish to create the
first humans capable of successful survival. They have failed many times,
but they seem to be getting closer to discovering the ideal formula.
Meanwhile their two sons, Hunahpu and Vucub, are busy causing mayhem when
they are suddenly challenged to a ball game with the Death Lords of
Xibalba, the underworld. The Lords have a ballgame planned, fit for the
Gods and just when the boys’ tragic fate is sealed, an unexpected and
twisted miracle of life saves the day!  This riveting folktale champions
the underdogs, denounces the patriarchy and celebrates the child in us all!

Our vibrant cast includes seniors Anastasia Dennehy, Aidan Procopio, and
Diana Perez; juniors Courtney King, Johanna Coronel, and Melissa Gonzalez;
sophomore Lilia Briggs-McEwen and first-year students Jessica Giordano and
Angel Gonzalez.

Heart of the Earth: A Popul Vuh Story runs approximately 85 minutes and
will be performed without an intermission. Latecomers cannot be seated, and
seating is limited so arrive early to get in line so as to secure a good

Anyone with questions about the show should feel welcome to contact
Kimberly Romano (kr12).
We hope to see you there!

Kimberly Romano Reyes


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