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> News Items of Interest to H-AfroAm
> by Shawn Leigh Alexander
> News Items of Interest to H-AfroAm
> The Project on the History of Black Writing Blog »
> How African Americans Fought For & Won Birthright Citizenship 150 Years Before Trump Tried to End It »
> A Black Womanist Requiem for Katie G. Cannon »
> American Terror Is Not New »
> The Hidden History of Birthright Citizenship »
> In Echo of Flint, Mich., Water Crisis Now Hits Newark »
> The White-Supremacist Congressman »
> Donald Trump’s Unconstitutional Dreams »
> Trump, Racism and Immigration »
> With ‘for colored girls,’ Ntozake Shange gave generations of black women a way to see God in themselves »
> Race Women Internationalists and Global Black Freedom Struggles »
> The Citizenship Clause Means What It Says »
> How White Supremacist Ideology & Conspiracies Have Fueled U.S. Domestic Terror & Hateful Violence »
> Trump’s Ideas About Birthright Citizenship Can Be Traced to These Two Controversial Legal Scholars »
> Trump’s Embrace of Racial Bigotry Has Shifted What Is Acceptable in America »
> 'It's not fair, not right': how America treats its black farmers »
> Can You Copyright a Quilt? »
> ‘Radical Intellect’: An Interview with Historian Chris Tinson »
> Scales of Struggle and the Carceral State »
> Racism and the Wisconsin Idea »
> David W. Blight on Frederick Douglass: 'I call him beautifully human' »
> New Attention for Figures in the Background »
> How Voter Suppression Could Swing the Midterms »
> ‘A Fate Worse Than Slavery, Unearthed in Sugar Land »
> Lost literary masterpiece of 1960s black America comes to UK »
> When Trump demonises opponents, unhinged partisans take their cues »
> The scars of slavery: Iconic Image from Civil War has Northampton roots »
> ‘Frederick Douglass’: A reality as awe-inspiring as the myth »
> Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom review: a monumental biography »
> The Black Struggle for Technology Jobs »
> The Trump Era Is Destroying Black Civics, but Delivering Black Votes »
> The Struggle for Voting Rights and the Poor People’s Campaign »
> Slavery, Land Ownership, and Black Women’s Community Networks »
> Trumpism Is ‘Identity Politics’ for White People »
> The Double Battle: Frederick Douglass’s moral crusade »
> The Migrant Caravan and U.S. Policy »
> Katie Geneva Cannon and Christian Womanist Religious Scholarship »
> 'It's 100% segregated': does Georgia's LGBT haven have a race problem? »
> Black mecca or most unequal US city: will the real Atlanta please stand up? »
> 'I'm ecstatic': black liberation prisoner Mike Africa Sr released after 40 years »
> Daniel Patrick Moynihan isn’t the hero we need in the age of Trump »
> The roots of the US black art renaissance: 'It wouldn't have been OK in any other city' »
> Nowhere for people to go: who will survive the gentrification of Atlanta? »
> Sexuality, History, and Britain’s Colonial Legacy »
> Beyond the Black Paradigm? Queer Afro-diasporic Strategies »
> Kehinde Wiley on Painting Masculinity and Blackness, from President Obama to the People of Ferguson »
> Being a Black Nonbinary Person Is Difficult. But It’s Shown Me the Radical Power of Defining Your Own Existence »
> How Racism and Patriarchy Is Taught at School  »
> Welcome To Jim Crow 2.0 »
> 50 years after Olympic protest, the activist message should not be commercialized »
> A Tool for Our Times: Legacies of Black Radicalism and Communism »
> Damn It, Joe Biden and Michelle Obama, Stop Rehabilitating George W. Bush! »
> Voter-Suppression Tactics in the Age of Trump »
> Charles White, who made some of this country’s greatest art, transcends labels »
> History, Art, and Black Life in the United States »
> The Black Convention Movement and Black Politics in Nineteenth-Century America »
> A Big New Biography Treats Frederick Douglass as Man, Not Myth »
> The Complexities of Race, Class, and Gender on Television »
> Smith and Carlos embodied many African Americans' Summer of Love and Reckoning »
> Why Republicans Are Suppressing Black Votes »
> Sears’s ‘radical’ past: How mail-order catalogues subverted the racial hierarchy of Jim Crow »
> “Chocolate City, Chessboard City”: Black Vitality in Renaissance Seville »
> Dignity, Work, and Race Capitalism »
> What Civil Rights History Can Teach Kavanaugh’s Critics »
> A Pride Story: Choosing To Live My Black Fat Queer Life »
> Rebel Commentary: Walter Mosley Has Some Things to Say About History »
> The Color of Economic Anxiety »
> AAIHS Roundtable on Unseen Light »
> One Year of #MeToo: The Legacy of Black Women’s Testimonies »
> How African American folklore saved the cultural memory and history of slaves »
> A Last Hope for Truth in a Mass Lynching »
> Statues, Symbolism, and White Supremacy  »
> The Deportation of Claudia Jones »
> Mentha Morrison: A Story of Debt Peonage in Jim Crow Georgia »
> The Personal Cost of Black Success »
> Claudia Jones and the FBI Harassment of Black Radicals »
> The 1968 Occupation of Black Wilmington »
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