[Blackstudies-l] Great News for the Black Studies Program

Lytton Smith smithlj at geneseo.edu
Mon Oct 29 15:44:10 EDT 2018

Dear Black Studies colleagues:

The MLA has awarded a $3,000 grant to Maria and me to develop a Black
Studies-oriented Humanities course, aimed both at offering students a
course that focuses on the contributions of Black thinkers to Western
History and Knowledge, and at creating links to our existing Humanities
sections by helping instructors who want to incorporate Black Studies
issues and texts do so.

The grant proposes Maria teaching a new Humanities course on the topic in
Fall 2019, with the hope this will become a regular curricular option
taught, revised to suit individual instructors, by Black Studies faculty
(esp. those currently teaching HUMN as part of their course rotation).
We're really hopeful this could both help increase Black Studies numbers
and help with wider retention goals. Center for Integrative Learning will
support the project.

There will be more news about planning steps, including getting those of
you who want to involved in making this a reality, including proposing
titles and speakers, but for now we just wanted to share the good news.

All best,

Lytton and Maria

Dr. Lytton Smith

Director, Center for Integrative Learning, Doty 303C (Tues/Thurs)
Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing, Welles 230
Black Studies Faculty / Geneseo Literary Forum Coordinator

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