[Blackstudies-l] Black Churches Burned by Arson See Donations Surge (only) after Notre Dame Fire

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*Welcome to your weekly dose of black news*
*By Taryn Finley*

*It's a good week, y'all. Beyoncé has blessed us yet again
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-j/>. *

Her Beychella documentary and ode to HBCUs, "Homecoming," is finally out on
Netflix. And if you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out big time. She
gets deep and goes where we've never seen her before, getting candid about
her issues delivering the twins
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-t/> and the
difficulties of being disciplined enough to see her dream performance
through. And of course, she makes sure HBCUs are front and center
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-i/> of the doc. (I
wrote about this last year after witnessing Beychella in person!) She
followed up with a surprised 40-track live album from Coachella, finishing
with a cover to "Before I Let Go
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-d/>." **chef's

So many gifts! 💛

Forever First Lady Michelle Obama sent a message for Beyoncé, appropriately
starting her message off with "Hey queen
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-h/>!" Don't you
love when queens acknowledge queens?

In less fortunate news, "Insecure" won't be returning until 2020 (boooo!
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-k/>) BUT, Ava
DuVernay is bringing an important story to light. The director is
releasing "When They See Us
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-u/>," a four-part
series that looks at the five black and Latino teens who were falsely
accused of raping a white woman 30 years ago today, also known as the
Central Park Five. Check out the trailer

Also, the Mueller Report is out and ya girl Sarah Huckabee Sanders is out
here lying <https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-b/>,
y'all! Who knew???? 😒

Let me turn Beyoncé back on before #they disrupt my peace. Have a good
weekend, y'all!

*This week's Best Things **🎉*

*Aretha Franklin Awarded Posthumous Pulitzer Prize*
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-n/>The Queen of
Soul is getting honored
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-p/> “for her
indelible contribution to American music and culture for more than five
READ MORE <https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-m/>

*Marsai Martin, Issa Rae And Regina Hall Talk ‘Little’ And Breaking
Barriers* <https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-c/>Martin
made history last weekend by becoming the youngest executive producer of a
film ever! Along with her "Little
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-q/>" co-stars, the
actress talked to us about inspiring other black girls and women to tell
their stories.
READ MORE <https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-f/>

*Fight To Save Black Culture In Gentrifying D.C. Continues After Go-Go
Victory* <https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-z/>D.C.
residents won after their new white neighbors tried to mute them. Members
of the community have said this week that they are hoping to build off the
momentum of a viral online petition to protect the city’s indigenous go-go
music <https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-v/>, which
combines elements of funk, hip-hop, soul and other styles.
READ MORE <https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-s/>


*Notes from the mailbag 📫*

*We want to hear from you! **Each week we'll have a new question or topic.
Reply to us and we might feature your answer in next week's newsletter.* *Did
you watch Beyoncé's "Homecoming documentary? What did you think? Do you
think HBCUs will get more support because of it? Let us know!**Send us an
email. <blackvoices at huffpost.com>*
<blackvoices at huffpost.com>

*What you're talking about*
Some notable comments from social media or sent to our inbox.
*On Facebook: *Reader Margarita Marron comments on Ancestry.com's ahistorical
commercial <https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-w/>.


*On Twitter: *@afatherslove1 calls out the wealthy who rushed to donate to
Notre Dame after the fire, but failed to donate to the black churches that
burned in Louisiana
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-yk/> until they
were called out.
*On Instagram: *Reader @urimac731
<https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/t-l-okkjrz-ntkuiihtd-jl/> kept it short
and sweet on the news of Morehouse finally accepting trans men

*Need more? We've got you covered.*

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   Justice Reform
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   Their Elders’
   - Michelle Obama's Book Tour Style Is A Lesson In Power Suiting
   - Shonda Rhimes: Sandra Oh’s Trailblazing Career ‘Is A Gift To Every
   Artist Of Color’

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