[Blackstudies-l] Two opportunities for Geneseo Students and Faculty to Stand Together on Tuesday and Wednesday (details below)

Maria Lima lima at geneseo.edu
Sun Apr 28 15:01:31 EDT 2019

I would love to see as many of you as possible -- We are ONE Geneseo! --
Donat's invitation comes first:

> As many of you know, there have been a series of bias-related incidents
>> at SUNY Geneseo that have led underrepresented students to feel unsafe in
>> our community. Initially, a student posted an insensitive social media
>> image displaying blackface. Respectfully, following this incident, some
>> faculty, staff and administrators have shown their solidarity through
>> various platforms (e.g., in their classrooms, emails, using inclusive
>> language, reaching out to underrepresented students, etc). These actions
>> have allowed us all to come together as a community.
>> As students, we see you and we thank you.
>> However, others have been dismissive in regard to the impact of such
>> hateful acts.
>> In response to the culmination of events, a town hall is being hosted by
>> the Activists Fighting Racial Oppression (AFRO) and is titled “Ignorance is
>> NOT Bliss.” We are hosting the townhall meeting next Tuesday, April 30th in
>> MacVittie Ballroom from 5-8 PM to discuss the ways in which Geneseo, as a
>> community, can come together to engage in meaningful dialogue that
>> continues to readdress our shared values from the perspectives of
>> underrepresented student voices.
>> We would be very appreciative if you could pass the message on to others
>> in your respective departments and encourage them to please attend.
>> Specifically, we are asking if professors would be willing to provide
>> students with extra credit for attending the town hall. We are asking staff
>> and administrators to share this information with colleagues and allies.
>> Lastly, we are asking community members to show support by attending our
>> town hall.
>> We have attached a flyer of the town hall to this email. Thank you for
>> your time, and we hope to see you on Tuesday at 5:00 PM.
>> Respectfully,
>> Activists Fighting Racial Oppression (AFRO)
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