[Blackstudies-l] Africa's lost kingdoms: a review of five books that tell a different story about early and medieval africa

Maria Lima lima at geneseo.edu
Sun Jun 9 15:47:31 EDT 2019

I'll see if the Library will purchase them for "Black Humanities"
Howard French on medieval Africa, Elaine Blair on Andrea Dworkin

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*Africa’s Lost Kingdoms*
Howard W. French

It may remain a little-known fact, but Africa has never lacked
civilizations, nor has it ever been as cut off from world events as it has
been routinely portrayed. Some remarkable new books make this case in
scholarly but accessible terms, and they admirably complicate our
understanding of Africa’s past and present.

*Fighting for Her Life*
Elaine Blair

In a body of work that seems newly relevant, Andrea Dworkin’s writing about
pornography stands out for having been unredeemed. What makes it


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*A Case History in Successful Interventionism*
Janine di Giovanni

Sierra Leone in 2000 was a rare case of an overseas military operation not
for strategic or commercial interest, but for humanitarian purposes and in
the name of an ethical foreign policy.

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