[Blackstudies-l] ‘There’s One Humanity or There Isn’t’: A Conversation Wole Soyinka and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

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A conversation between Wole Soyinka and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Amy Knight
on the murder of Boris Nemtsov, Edward Mendelsohn on Auden and Pound

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*‘There’s One Humanity or There Isn’t’: A Conversation*
Wole Soyinka and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
*The Crime of the Century*
Amy Knight

Not only was Boris Nemtsov brazenly shot to death at the Kremlin’s
doorstep, he had a huge influence on Russian politics for two and a half


*Also in the new issue:* James McAuley on the yellow vests, Claire Messud on
Valeria Luiselli, Fintan O’Toole on Chris Christie, Jerome Groopman on the
immune system, Nathaniel Rich on Saul Bellow, Ruth Bernard Yeazell on
Victorian radicals, Jonathan Zimmerman on schools, *and much more*

*NYR Daily*

*No-Platforming Pound
Edward Mendelson

Auden disliked everything in Pound’s aesthetics and technique. Yet he
protested on principle when Pound’s fascist politics led to his poems being
omitted from an anthology.
*My Mother’s Daughter*
Molly Jong-Fast

When you’re the daughter of a powerful woman like that everything is “about
her”—even the things that aren’t “about her” are, in fact, about her. My
life sometimes felt like a footnote to hers.


*Mitch McConnell, Republican Nihilist
Michael A. Cohen

He is a remorselessly political creature, devoid of principle.


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