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Melanie Medeiros medeiros at geneseo.edu
Tue Mar 26 11:37:03 EDT 2019

Please consider taking a few minutes to complete this survey on disaster
aid and Puerto Rico for a student research project.

This is an anonymous survey about attitudes, perceptions and knowledge
about Puerto Rico following hurricane Maria in 2017.  This information will
be used for a class project and GREAT Day Poster for Political Science 390
at SUNY Geneseo. These results will not be formally published but will be
discussed in a paper as well as used for a GREAT Day Poster presentation.
I hope to reach as many people on the Geneseo campus as possible.  Your
answers will not be linked to your identity or your email address.  The
first section has some general knowledge questions about Puerto Rico while
the second section has questions dealing explicitly with FEMA Aid following
hurricane Maria in 2017. This survey only takes between five and seven
minutes to complete. At the end you will be able to see the correct answers
to objective questions that way you may also learn about Puerto Rico.
Please as you fill out this survey do not go back to previous questions and
change your answers as this will not be beneficial to the study. I urge you
not to look up answers to these questions as they will ruin the study, this
is why I am happy to provide the answers to the objective questions
following the survey so you can know the answers!
Thank you for your help! Please click the link below to begin!



Harrison Angelini
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