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Rethinking Rufus
Sexual Violations of Enslaved Men
Thomas A. Foster

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May 2019 | 192 pages

*Paperback*: $22.95

*Hardcover*: $99.95

*eBook*: $22.95

Foster's work is a monumental contribution to history, Africana studies,
gender studies, and black male studies that forces us to ask not how but
why generations of scholars did not account for, or theorize, the evidence
of black male sexual victimization across the centuries despite many being
well known.
*—Tommy J. Curry, author of The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre, and the
Dilemmas of Black Manhood*

*Rethinking Rufus
is a game-changer. *Thomas A. Foster* takes an oft-cited historical source
and helps us see it, and the history of gender and sexuality in slavery,
with new eyes. Foster's sensitive and inventive interpretations of the
history of the sexual abuse of enslaved men provides new ways to
investigate and understand these difficult and important histories.
*—Leslie M. Harris, coeditor of Sexality and Slavery: Reclaiming Intimate
Histories in the Americas*

*Rethinking Rufus
is the first book-length study of sexual violence against enslaved men.
Scholars have extensively documented the widespread sexual exploitation and
abuse suffered by enslaved women, with comparatively little attention paid
to the stories of men. However, a careful reading of extant sources reveals
that sexual assault of enslaved men also occurred systematically and in a
wide variety of forms, including physical assault, sexual coercion, and
other intimate violations.

To tell the story of men such as Rufus-who was coerced into a sexual union
with an enslaved woman, Rose, whose resistance of this union is widely
celebrated-historian *Thomas A. Foster * interrogates a range of sources on
slavery: early American newspapers, court records, enslavers' journals,
abolitionist literature, the testimony of formerly enslaved people
collected in autobiographies and in interviews, and various forms of
artistic representation. Foster's sustained examination of how black men
were sexually violated by both white men and white women makes an important
contribution to our understanding of masculinity, sexuality, the lived
experience of enslaved men, and the general power dynamics fostered by the
institution of slavery. *Rethinking Rufus
* illuminates how the conditions of slavery gave rise to a variety of forms
of sexual assault and exploitation that affected all members of the

*University of Georgia Press*
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