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Dear Dr. Adams, Dr. Hawkins, and Dr. Lima:

We’re writing today to share exciting news for your students who want to
work in the cultural sector. The University of Kansas now offers a
first-of-its-kind dual master’s degree program
<http://museumstudies.ku.edu/joint-ma-overview> in African &
African-American Studies <http://afs.ku.edu/> and Museum Studies

Today, the people who work in museums are using their expertise and
imagination to establish new pathways for understanding the past, present,
and future. They see museums as places where the most important topics
facing society can be openly presented, discussed, and addressed. There is
room in the profession for people with a wide range of skills. In addition
to the disciplines you might expect, such as history, art history, or
anthropology, museums need researchers, programmers, marketing specialists,
designers, educators, and managers. A hallmark of the museum profession is
that people with widely divergent skills and outlooks find ways to work
together productively and creatively.

However, the museum industry recognizes the need to diversify its workforce
and shift the narratives currently entrenched in exhibits, programming, and
community building, to make these institutions truly inclusive.

*We’re working to make that a reality. Our dual master’s degree in
AAAS-MUSE means job readiness in less time.*

Your students will:

   - acquire a unique set of credentials to set them apart when job hunting.

o   content expertise in African or African-American studies

o   hands-on museum professional skills in areas such as collections
management, museum public education, museum management, and exhibit design

o   at least 500 hours of internships and museum experience

o   engage in scholarly research, with the opportunity to present their
work at professional conferences

   - earn two M.A.’s in just three years, saving them time and money.
   - belong to a small cohort, giving them plenty of time with faculty and
   - defend one final project or thesis to complete both degrees.

Students will apply to the programs separately. *(Great news: Neither
program requires the GRE!)* The deadline to apply for Fall 2020 is January
15 for Museum Studies and May 1 for African & African-American Studies.

A link to our fact sheet
additional details. Of course, we’re happy to answer any questions you have
about our program or about the museum field in general. We also invite your
students to get a feel for what we can offer by visiting campus to meet
with faculty and students from both programs, as well as local museum

We look forward to hearing from you and your students!

Peter Welsh


African & African-American Studies
Museum Studies Program

cecileaccilien at ku.edu
phwelsh at ku.edu

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