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Subject: The global Black experience (74 countries, 254 links)
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What does it mean to be Black in the world today?  In any given country,
who is Black?  What is the relationship between being Black and having a
specific nationality? language? parents?  What does "race" (biology,
skin color and hair texture) have to do with it?  In fact, what do we
even know about being Black in different parts of the world?

This link points to the Black experience in 74 countries.  Some data,
some culture, some youthful self-expression.  Just a taste of each.


While we're in a stay at home moment why not take a look at these very
different parts of the world.  Maybe your students would be interested
as well. No, extend that to your friends and family, especially the youth.

Holla back if you feel the urge

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