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Africa Writes: FREE August Online Events
Africa Writes 2020 Newsletter
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This month we bring you *three exciting events* taking place next week and
a symposium with the British Library in early September. Our final events
for September will be announced in a couple of weeks time. Until then we
hope to see some of your faces next week! Tell a friend to tell a
friend! – *the
Africa Writes team*


*African Storytelling for Children Tuesday 25 August*

*Stories of Silk: Somali Storytelling for Children*
Tuesday 25 August, 11:00 – 11:30 (BST)
Location: Zoom
Tickets: FREE
Ages: 5 years plus

*Sheekoysheeko, sheekoxariir ah, shimbir baa dhuustay, shaah bay
karisay.....koob bay shubatay. Story story...a story made of silk...a bird
farted...then made spicy tea...and poured herself a cuppa.*

Join Deqa M Abdi in a fun, interactive storytelling session for children!
Purchase *Stories of Silk (Sheeko Xariirah)* and claim a 10% discount using
the code *AFRICAWRITES10* on the 25th August.


*Kenkey Party: Ghanaian Storytelling for Children*
Tuesday 25 August, 14:00 – 14:30 (BST)
Location: Zoom
Tickets: FREE
Ages: 2 - 5 years

*Leebi ko lɛ, Kɔmi kɛ kenaŋ eba Akwei kɛ Naa tsine. Amɛ mli ntao ni amɛtsɛ
kɔmi yeli kɛ numɔ. *

*One morning, Akwei and Naa wanted to have a Kenkey party. But there was no

Join North American-based storyteller Oyoo Nii-Owoo and illustrator Efua
Okine in an adventurous storytelling following Akwei and Naa! Purchase your
copy of *Kenkey Party *and claim a 10% discount using the code
*AFRICAWRITES10* on the 25th August.


* Africa Writes x First Five Live With Yomi Sode *

*Guest: Paul Mendez  Thursday 27 August, 19:00-20:15 BST*
*Location: Zoom (streamed on Facebook Live)*

*First Five: The Art That Makes Us.*

Remember the book that changed your life? The song you’ll never forget?
Join poet and host *Yomi Ṣode* in conversation with *Paul Mendez* (author
of *Rainbow Milk*), as they chart through a musical journey and share the
art that changed them.

Come with your shades and dancing shoes on! Though the event will be hosted
on Zoom, it will be interactive summer literary fun we all need in
lockdown. You can share your thoughts and questions during the live event
on Zoom. If you’re unable to join via Zoom, the  event is also being
streamed live on our Facebook page. Due to the technical nature of hosting
the event virtually, we cannot guarantee that a question posted on Facebook
Live will be answered.

This is a 16+ event. Conversations may contain strong language, stories may
be quite explicit depending on the topic matter. Audience discretion is
Book Now


*Symposium – How should we write Yorùbá? Wednesday 2 September – Thursday 3
September 15:00 – 17:00 (BST/WAT)*

*Two webinars on writing Yorùbá, a major language of West Africa, in the
21st century.*

In the Yorùbá language of Nigeria and Benin, writing with diacritics
(accents and special characters) is essential. These marks indicate the
tone of vowel sounds, and the meaning of words. They’re how we know that
owó (money) is not the same as òwò (business), or even ówo (a boil).

The Yorùbá writing system has changed a lot since Bishop Àjàyí Crowther
wrote A Vocabulary of Yorùbá (1843). Today the language is at a
disadvantage online, because there are few tools to input the diacritics –
even though it is spoken by 30-40 million people across the world. Among
readers and writers of Yorùbá, there is uncertainty about when and whether
to use the marks. How should, and can, diacritics be used today?

This two-session online symposium will address these questions through
conversations with writers, academics and other experts including Dr. Túndé
Adegbọlá, Professor Karin Barber and Mọlará Wood.
Book Now

*These events are part of Africa Writes’ 2020 online series as a response
to the international lockdown most are facing in the midst of the global
COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about this here
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