[Blackstudies-l] A Concerned Student Coalition Meeting this Wednesday, July 8th, at 6 PM

Maria Lima lima at geneseo.edu
Sat Jul 4 18:25:15 EDT 2020

Good Morning,

We hope everyone is well and being safe during this time.

We are hosting another Concerned Students Coalition meeting, with a focus
on BLM Topics Wednesday, July 8 @ 6pm.

Please add your emails to this doc
in order to stay updated on the latest in student activism and BLM meetings.

At this meeting, we would like to accomplish three things:


   Create a space for students to express their concerns and feelings.

      Use this
      link, developed by the Multicultural office Interns, to identify
      This resource list is still being developed so please email am61
or yom1 @
      geneseo.edu with suggestions comments or concerns regarding the
      content of the list.

   Provide a report on the meeting with President Battles, Diversity
   Commission, and other members of Cabinet that took place on July 1st @ 4 pm

      They are currently looking for more students to participate in their
      Racial Justice Conversations. If you are interested in attending
      meetings in this series please come to our July 8th meeting.

   Identify students interested in working on antiracism initiatives.

      TBA at the meeting.

It is important that we all work together so please bring all your friends
and advertise on social media.

Walking in Power

Concerned Students Coalition
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