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Professor McCoy is telling us there are a few seats available for "Octavia
Butler and Social Ties." Here is the course description:

ENGL 431: Octavia Butler and Social Ties
Octavia Butler's fiction demands that readers grapple with what brings and
binds people together. Concentrating on Butler’s *Xenogenesis/Lilith’s
Brood *trilogy, we will wonder if Butler's work has anything to teach us
about the ways that people have brought themselves together in the past,
are bringing themselves together now, and the ways that they may possibly
bring themselves together in any future. It is likely that thinkING about
these topics will end up feeling complicated, harmonious, full
of (im)possibilities, contradictory, inspiring, disturbing, complicated,
and simple. The course is organized so that students may/will make demands
of course structure, instructor, assignments and will also feature modules
and threads weaving literary analysis with attention to implicit bias and
the structural history of anti-Black racism and white supremacy. Students
need not have any experience in an English course to succeed in this class.
Don’t fear the course number!
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