[Blackstudies-l] NEW COURSE: PHIL 288 "Punishment, Race, and the Carceral State (Spring 2021)Professor: Amanda Roth

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PHIL 288 EXP Punishment, Race, and the Carceral State

Spring 2021

Professor: Amanda Roth

Motivated by our current social/political context in the US, this course
will take up a number of urgent value-based questions and issues around
mass incarceration, policing, and the Black Lives Matter Movement. We will
combine consideration of traditional philosophical theories of punishment
and justice with recent critiques of mass incarceration and policing as
well as philosophical approaches to race and racism. Attention will also be
paid where possible to structural inequalities relevant to crime,
punishment, and incarceration beyond race. A major goal of the course will
be to consider how and why taking up philosophy and philosophical
approaches to these urgent questions and issues is valuable and necessary.

Specific topics that are likely to be covered include: structural racial
inequality, mass incarceration as a system of class and racial control,
protest and civil disobedience, abolitionism about prisons and policing,
restorative and transformative justice initiatives, whether and how
feminism has contributed to mass incarceration, and the motivation for
philosophy in prison teaching programs. Most readings will come from
philosophers (with an emphasis on philosophers of color wherever possible),
but we will also draw on work from legal theorists, social scientists,
activists, and public philosophy taken up through Op-Eds and podcasts.

No background in philosophy is needed or expected.

Amanda Roth (she/her)
Associate Professor
Philosophy and Women's & Gender Studies
Coordinator of Women's & Gender Studies
SUNY Geneseo
107A Welles

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