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Join Us for *The 1619 Project* Education Network Launch Event Series!

After hearing from thousands of educators nationwide about their enthusiasm
for bringing *The 1619 Projec*t into classrooms, as well as the need for
support and networking opportunities, the Pulitzer Center is pleased to
announce an exciting initiative: *The 1619 Project *Education Network.

This paid, virtual program will allow selected education professionals to
explore key questions surrounding racial justice and develop
standard-aligned units that engage students in *The 1619 Project.*

Please join us for a series of events with *The* *1619 Project*
contributors, educators implementing the project, and the Pulitzer Center
education team. We will be celebrating the value and impact of this
resource, and sharing how you can apply to be part of the Education Network.


   Thursday, February 4 at 5:00pm ET: How to Get Involved in *The 1619
   Project* Education Initiatives

   Monday, February 8 at 5:00pm ET: Teaching *The 1619 Project*: Educators

   Thursday, February 18 at 5:00pm ET: Examining Essays from *The 1619
   Project* with Nikole Hannah-Jones

   Thursday, February 25 at 5:00pm ET: Teaching Black History to Elementary
   and Middle School Students

For Black History Month, we will feature a Pulitzer Center grantee each
week and the underreported stories impacting Black Americans that they have
covered. If you would like to schedule a virtual journalist visit with any
of our featured grantees, please email us.
<hberk at pulitzercenter.org?subject=I%20would%20like%20to%20schedule%20a%20journalist%20visit%20for%20Black%20History%20Month!&body=Please%20answer%20the%20following%20questions%3A%0A1.%20What%20do%20you%20teach%2C%20and%20for%20what%20grade(s)%3F%0A2.%20Where%20is%20your%20school%20located%3F%0A3.%20What%20platform%20do%20you%20prefer%3F%20(Zoom%2C%20Google%20Meet%2C%20Teams%2C%20etc.)%0A4.%20What%20date(s)%20%2F%20time(s)%20would%20work%20well%20for%20you%20to%20schedule%20a%20workshop%3F>
Melissa “Bunni” Elian
is a Haitian-American multimedia journalist based in Yonkers, New York. Her
work focuses on stories from the African diaspora, social justice, and
issues of structural inequality. As a Pulitzer-supported grantee, Elian
wrote two stories for her project, *The Globalization of AFROPUNK.
than a celebration of alternative black music, AFROPUNK is a social and
political movement rooted in an “African spirit and heritage.” Following in
the tradition of blues, jazz, and hip-hop, AFROPUNK is establishing itself
as a global artistic force, one that challenges inequality and

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Apply for our spring 2021 Teacher Fellowship!

*How to Get Involved in **The 1619 Project **Education Initiatives*
*5:00pm ET | Thursday, February 4*
Join us for a webinar introducing curricular resources for *The 1619
Project* and case studies from classrooms nationwide that have integrated
the project in innovative ways. Register here!

*Teaching **The 1619 Project**: Educators Share*
*5:00pm ET | Monday, February 8 *
Join us for a conversation led by Nikita Stewart
to *The **1619 Project *and journalist for *The **New York Times*, with
educators who have been implementing *The 1619 Project* in their classrooms
and school districts. Register here!

*Spring 2021 Teacher Fellowship Application  Deadline: Wednesday, February
17 *
This paid, virtual fellowship, will give educators the opportunity and the
skills to weave underreported global news stories into existing curricula,
while also preparing students to engage curiously, critically, and
empathetically with the world around them. Apply here!

*Examining Essays from **The 1619 Project** with Nikole Hannah-Jones*
*5:00pm ET | Thursday, February 18*
Join us as Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and architect of *The 1619
Project* Nikole Hannah-Jones
other contributors to the project explore a selection of essays from
this groundbreaking edition of *The New York Times Magazine. *Register here!

*Teaching Black History to Elementary and Middle School Students*
*5:00pm ET | Thursday, February 25*
Join us for a conversation between journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones and Dr.
LaGarrett King, director of the University of Missouri’s Carter Center for
K12 Black History Education. They will explore the avenues for teaching
Black history to younger students broadly and in the context of *The 1619
Project*. Register here!
<education at pulitzercenter.org>
The Pulitzer Center's Education Program
students with fresh information on global issues, helps them think
critically about the creation and dissemination of news, and inspires them
to become active consumers and producers of information. The program brings
journalists to classrooms across the country to introduce critical
under-reported global issues to students.
*Our mailing address is:*
1779 Massachusetts Ave NW
Suite 615
Washington, D.C.

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