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Announcing Africa Writes 2021. Our monthly newsletter on new events, reads
and exciting items on the web.
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Dear friends,

*We are BACK! *

Africa Writes 2021 returns for the month of September with a blended
programme – and we want to hear *your ideas* for this year's festival!
Given the past year we've all endured, we want to design a programme
focused on *Imagination, Pleasure and Activism*. Do you have something
you'd like us to consider? Go ahead, you have until 3 March to get those
ideas to us!

This month's newsletter goodies:

   - Our *Africa Writes 2021* call for ideas is LIVE
   - Enjoyed our *Africa Writes – Exeter Book Club* series so far? We've
   now released tickets for March's feature: *Abdulrazak Gurnah*
   - Grab yourself 10% off *I Am Still Your Negro *by Valerie Mason-John
   - Get whisked away to Kenya with this month’s *AFREADA* short fiction
   - Exciting events from *RAS: *LOOT: Britian and the Benin Bronzes, and
   Do Not Disturb launch
   - Spotlighting our friends: Submit to Borough Press' *OF THIS OUR
   COUNTRY Essay Competition *and learn about *The Roots of Resistance*
   - What we’ve been *loving on the web*: Chika Unigwe leads on
virtual *African
   Writers Festival*, FUNCTION's *Wine & Records *playlist and *Rathbones
   Folio Prize shortlist *featuring Caleb Femi and Rachel Long

Enjoy and bring those submissions in! We look forward to staying connected.

– The Africa Writes team
*Africa Writes 2021*
Submit your ideas for this year's festival! Discover more

*Africa Writes festival returns for the month of September!*

We are returning with a blended virtual and in-person programme from *1 –
30 September* both online and at The British Library.

This year marks the ninth – and first biennial – edition of Africa Writes.
Given the past year we’ve all endured, this year’s festival will be centred
around the themes of *Imagination, Pleasure and Activism*.

Africa Writes will partner with festival organisers on the African
continent to co-curate a series of events as part of the British Council’s
Digital Collaboration Fund. African festival partners confirmed so far are *Pa
Gya! Literary Festival in Ghana* and *Kaduna Book and Arts Festival in

This year will also see the second edition of the *Lifetime Achievement in
African literature Award*, which will be announced during the course of the

We have opened our *call for ideas* for you to submit ideas or books you
would like to see featured in this year’s festival. The call will be open
from *Tuesday, 16 February, until Wednesday, 3 March, at 12:00 (GMT)*.
Please ensure your idea meets the themes of this year. The form takes
approximately between 10 to 20 minutes to complete.
Submit Your Idea for 2021!

*Africa Writes – Exeter Book Club*
Join us for our third book club event with Abdulrazak Gurnah on 30 March.

*Africa Writes – Exeter Book Club Presents: Abdulrazak Gurnah’s Afterlives
Date: Tuesday 30 March*
*Time: 16:00 – 17:00 (GMT)*
*Location: Crowdcast*
*Tickets: FREE* (suggested donations: £2 / £5 / £10)

*“To read Afterlives is to be returned to the joy of storytelling.” –
Aminatta Forna *

Taking up where his 1994 Booker finalist novel *Paradise* left off,
Abdulrazak Gurnah transports his readers back to the First World War in his
latest novel *Afterlives*. This coming-of-age novel follows the unanchored
adolescent lives of Ilyas, Hamza and Afiya disrupted by the war in the
early twentieth century, and interrogates the personal and political cost
of rebellion.

Praised by Giles Foden as ‘one of Africa’s greatest living writers’,
award-winning author Adbulrazak Gurnah will be in conversation to discuss
the power and essence of how compelling characters drive a story forward in
*Afterlives*. We welcome you to join us even if you haven’t read the book!
In fact we have an excerpt you can delve into beforehand, *check it out
right here*
Book now

*Fresh on the Blog*
Highlighting what's fresh on the site with juicy content for you to sink
your teeth into.

*Read ‘Self Portrait 2: Call Me My Name’ by Valerie Mason-John and get 10%

Africa Writes have teamed up with University of Alberta Press to bring you
an excerpt from Valerie Mason-John’s *I Am Still Your Negro* poetry

Read now and claim 10% off!
*Africa Writes x AFREADA*
In this joyous partnership with AFREADA we bring you scintillating short
fiction from the literary magazine.

*Naming the Hunger by Temo Buliro*

And so it came to be that there would be a wedding. It was a good match
they said: he so dark, small, and wise; she tall, fair, beautiful, well
muscled and firm.

He was the local schoolteacher sent from that place far away where people
lived like rats: overcrowded and always scurrying around looking for food.
Respected as a bringer of knowledge, he was now an adopted son and village

She had been his student in the village school. The only daughter of the
chief’s second wife of four, she was constantly pampered by her father and
would have been a spoiled terror had it not been for her mother’s
levelheadedness and her brothers’ mostly good natured bullying. At meal
times, she received the choicest parts of the chicken, “Just for you,
Mama,” her father would say affectionately as he served her; she was named
after his deceased mother. Her smile would brighten his world, the gap in
her front teeth yet another reminder of a woman much loved and missed.
*More from the Royal African Society*
Learn how you can get involved with the charity through our programmes and
become a member.

*LOOT: Britain and the Benin Bronzes *
Thursday 1 April, 6pm

*The story of a powerful West African kingdom & British imperial greed. The
dispersal of the Bronzes and today’s debate about their future.*

Join the Royal African Society
and the Centre of African Studies
the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), for the launch of LOOT –
Britain and the Benin Bronzes by renowned BBC journalist, Barnaby Phillips.

Book now
*Do Not Disturb*
Tuesday 13 April, 2pm

*Do Not Disturb
is a dramatic recasting of the modern history of Africa’s Great Lakes
region, an area blighted by the greatest genocide of the twentieth century.

Join the Centre of African Studies
at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), and Royal African
for the launch of *Do Not Disturb* by distinguished international
journalist, Michela Wrong.
Book now.

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 *Highlights from our Friends*
Bringing you exciting news and events from our friends and partners.

*OF THIS OUR COUNTRY: Essay Competition*

is a collection of personal essays that explore Nigeria through the
memories and experiences of the phenomenal writers it has produced.
Publishing on 30th September 2021, its intention is to bring together both
acclaimed and upcoming Nigerian writers, so we are holding a competition to
find an *unpublished and un-agented Nigerian writer*, based anywhere in the

Deadline: 1st March 2021 (23:59 GMT)

Find out more.

*The Roots of Resistance*

The Roots Resistance is a student led initiative. Our aim is to amplify the
voices of people of colour and their allies with a specific look to the
possibilities of art as transformative expression. This initiative is built
on the foundations of collective dialogue, collective care, from the
university community to the wider global community.

We are here to challenge the dominant waves of knowledge production in
spaces that weren’t made for us, by making a space of our own.

Learn more.

*We Love To See It*
Spotlighting amazing content we've seen online to bring you a little joy
*Chika Unigwe leads a virtual African Writers Festival on 26 - 27 Feb*

Georgia College and State University’s Creative Writing Program is hosting
a virtual African Writers Festival.

The two-day event, focused on the theme “*connections and illumination*,”
is led by award-winning author *Chika Unigwe*, currently assistant
professor at GCSU’s Department of English. Read more on Brittle Paper here.
*Listen to Wine & Records playlist curated by Ifeanyi Awachie (FUNCTION)*

We discovered this gorgeous playlist which accompanies FUNCTION's interview
with Conversation X.
FUNCTION invites you to check out their playlist, Wine & Records
while indulging in their featured interview titled '*Black is the Colour of
Luxury, Style, and Art'*.

FUNCTION is the creative partnership of stylist and art director Moha Lami
Audu and writer and curator Ifeanyi Awachie. Learn more
*Past Africa Writes guests Caleb Femi and Rachel Long make Rathbones Folio
Prize shortlist*

We're excited to see past festival guests shortlisted for the Rathbones
Folio Prize 2021 for their debut collections:* Caleb Femi*'s POOR and *Rachel
Long*'s *My Darling from the Lions.*

The prize is judged this year by T.S. Eliot Prize-winning poet Roger
Robinson, the Irish writer, editor and broadcaster Sinéad Gleeson and
novelist and short story writer Jon McGregor.
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*Africa Writes 2020 is supported by Arts Council England, Miles Morland
Foundation and the British Library. *
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