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*Octavia Butler was one of the premier science fiction writers of the 20th
century and is revered as a pioneer of Afrofuturism. *Her visionary works
of alternate futures reveal striking parallels to the world we live in
today. (Throughline

Plus, inside a restaurant’s final days.

by *Jill Hudson*
[image: Chris Duncan, whose 75-year-old mother Constance died from COVID-19
on her birthday, photographs a COVID-19 Memorial Project installation of
20,000 American flags on the National Mall as the United States crosses the
200,000 lives lost in the COVID-19 pandemic on Sept. 22, 2020 in
Washington, D.C. The U.S. will likely cross the mark of half a million
lives lost to COVID-19 in the coming days.]

*Win McNamee/Getty Images*

*The U.S. death toll from COVID-19 is on track to pass a number next week
that once seemed unthinkable: Half a million people in this country dead
from the coronavirus.* Losing half a million lives to this disease
was unimaginable when the first few people died of COVID-19 in the U.S last

*After nearly a year, it's easy to forget how suddenly the pandemic upended
our lives. *NPR would love to see your photos. Click here to send your
and tell us your story.

*What will it take to finally halt the spread of the coronavirus in the
U.S.? *Here's a look at how herd immunity works

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[image: This 2017 photo shows a slogan is on the storefront of Journey, a
former substance abuse treatment center, in Lake Worth, Fla. Now closed, it
was one of two centers owned by Kenneth Chatman, who is now serving a
27-year federal prison sentence for health care fraud and money laundering

*Lynne Sladky/AP*

*A decade ago, the Affordable Care Act mandated that private insurance
programs cover people suffering addiction*. It helped many patients find
rehab as the opioid epidemic exploded. But it also created a kind of
addiction gold rush.

*Three novels and two story collections — selected from a longlist of 15 —
are currently in contention for the 2021 Aspen Words Literary Prize.* The
work of this year's finalists
covers everything from Native American land ownership questions to the
intersections of Blackness and queerness to the Israeli-Palestinian

*In the past year, calls to defund police departments have increased after
a series of high-profile killings by police.* NPR looked at how one city in
Texas implemented big police funding cuts. Listen here

[image: Drs. Katie Ross and Dan Dworkis discuss the care of several
patients in the emergency department's COVID-19 unit. The doctors' muffled
voices are hard to hear over the sound of air filtration units humming and
monitors alarming.]

*Scott Kobner/Los Angeles County Department of Health Services*

*Dr. Scott Kobner is the chief emergency room resident at the Los Angeles
County-USC Medical Center. *His black-and-white photos
show the suffering, anxiety and chaos unfolding in overrun COVID units.

*Across New Orleans, thousands of homes were decorated and dressed up for
Mardi Gras. *People drove from house-to-house
because the city canceled parades due to COVID.

*A lingering mistrust of the medical system among many Black Americans is
rooted in the infamous U.S. study of syphilis *in the 1930s that left Black
men in Tuskegee, Ala., to suffer from the disease. Read the story
or listen here
Podcasts Of The Week

*Andrew Harr/Bloomberg via Getty Images*

*Printer companies have a peculiar business model: They sell printers for
extraordinarily cheap.* Turns out the real money is in the ink. (Planet

*Octavia Butler was one of the premier science fiction writers of the 20th
century and is revered as a pioneer of Afrofuturism. *Her visionary works
of alternate futures reveal striking parallels to the world we live in
today. (Throughline

*In Supernova, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci play a gay couple coming to
terms with the fact that Tucci's character is experiencing early onset
dementia. *(Pop Culture Happy Hour

*Eight years after Katlin Smith whipped up a batch of grain-free,
paleo-friendly muffins in her Atlanta kitchen*, her company, Simple Mills,
is available in 28,000 stores and does roughly $100M in annual revenue. (How
I Built This With Guy Raz

*We've heard about how hard it's been for restaurants to stay open during
this pandemic. *But what we often don't hear is that closing can be just as
tough. (The Indicator From Planet Money


*ljubaphoto/Getty Images*

*A year into the pandemic, working mothers feel “forgotten.”* (Fresh Air

*Millions of Texans have been without power or potable water for days
following unusually harsh winter weather.* The Republican governor blamed
the outages on renewable energy but that is only 10 percent of the story. (The
NPR Politics Podcast

*When A.J. Jacobs set out to thank everyone who made his morning cup of
coffee, he realized the chain of thank-yous was endless. *Hear his ideas on
gratitude—and how to make it count. (TED Radio Hour

*Many of us missed having a sense of connection in the last year: a hug
from a friend, a kiss from a lover, the casual brush past a stranger on a
crowded street.* Celebrating our bodies, and the pleasure they can give us,
can be the starting point for an extraordinary relationship with ourselves
and the world. (Life Kit
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