[Blackstudies-l] The BLM Committee Resolutions were approved at the UFS Plenary (links are below)

Maria Lima lima at geneseo.edu
Tue Jan 26 09:42:48 EST 2021

Approved Resolutions
Please report any campus actions that are follow-up to UFS resolutions
using this form
*Great news for our campus anti-racism initiatives.  Hear the Chancellor's
State of the University at noon: he is*
*optimistic about SUNY's future and the reserves the system has.*

*187th Plenary, Winter 2021*

*OnlineJanuary 22, 2020*

   - *EXEC*: "*187-01-1 **Shared Governance in These Times of Extraordinary
      - This resolution requests that system and campus administration work
      with shared governance bodies when making decisions during challenging
      times, especially in the areas of health and safety, instructional
      modality, and budget.
      - For: 43 / Against: 0 / Abstain: 0
   - *BLM*: "*187-03-1 Board of Trustees Acknowledges that Black Lives
      - This resolution requests that the Board of Trustees acknowledge
      that Black lives matter and work to include anti-racist language in the
      SUNY Mission.
      - For: 39 / Against: 1 / Abstain: 2
   - *BLM*: "*187-04-1 University Faculty Senate Recognizes and Supports
   Black Lives Matter
      - This resolution requests that the University Faculty Senate
      acknowledge and support Black Lives Matter in its own work, and
ask campus
      governance bodies to work to eliminate racial injustice on our campuses.
      - For: 33 / Against: 5 / Abstain: 4

UG: "*187-02-3 On Academic Planning for Responding to  Future Crises*" was
referred back to the Undergraduate Committee
Maria Helena Lima
Department of English
Black Studies Co-Coordinator
James and Julia Lockhart Professor, 2014-2017
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