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The latest reporting and lesson ideas from the Pulitzer Center
New Curricular Resource:
Listening Guide for the *1619* Podcast

Hear *The 1619 Project* come alive with episodes of *1619*, a podcast
exploring the legacy of slavery in U.S. systems and society. Connect your
students with the past and present through multimedia storytelling using
our new curricular resource: a listening guide for all five podcast

This listening guide
will provide students with the tools needed to listen, analyze, and respond
to episodes covering the systemic inequities of the U.S. healthcare system;
the history of Black land ownership; the artistic genius of Black American
music; and more. This lesson includes time-stamped sections, guiding
questions, and extension activities for each episode. Students will be able
to engage meaningfully with *The 1619 Project* and consider how they can
utilize podcasts and other media to tell their own stories.
Listening Guide
This Independence Day weekend, we reflect on the history, identity, and
potential futures of the United States. *The 1619 Project* creator, Nikole
Hannah-Jones, calls it an endeavor to "fundamentally reshape the way that
we see the American story." In her introductory essay, “The Idea of
America,” she writes, "[T]he year 1619 is as foundational to the American
story as 1776...Black Americans, as much as those men cast in alabaster in
the nation’s capital, are this nation’s true ‘founding fathers.’” This
offers reflection questions to explore Hannah-Jones’ essay and is a
starting point to dig more deeply into *our curricular resources for The
1619 Project.
Workshop Series for Educators: Elevating Underreported Stories of
Resilience in the Classroom
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*Workshops for Educators: Elevating Underreported Stories of Resilience in
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Join the Pulitzer Center and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for an
engaging webinar and workshop series introducing methods for diversifying
and analyzing news and media sources from a human rights and social justice
lens, and will introduce practical strategies, tools, and resources to
seamlessly incorporate this topic into your current curriculum. Register
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The Pulitzer Center's Education Program
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critically about the creation and dissemination of news, and inspires them
to become active consumers and producers of information. The program brings
journalists to classrooms across the country to introduce critical
underreported global issues to students.
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