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Some of you may remember Laura Doan and miss her like I do.

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*Subject: *Special Issue on Black Feminist Thought

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Issue: *

*Black Feminist Thought*


Preface:* “Be A Mystery”: (The Infinity of) Black Feminist Thought*

Sometimes, even those of us who have organized our entire lives around the
transformative possibilities of Black feminist thought can sit back in
wonder at the expansiveness of this intergenerational transnational
practice. This special issue takes a moment to imbibe where we have been,
where we are, and where we have yet to journey. The contributors to this
special issue on, or more precisely, *of *Black feminist thought find Black
feminist thinking in a wide range of times, places, and forms. Each of the
contributors invites us to bear witness in a distinct way to the pushes and
pulls of critical engagement with Black feminist thought.

The range of topics included in this special issue encapsulates the breadth
of this interdisciplinary, transnational, multimodal, and intergenerational
practice. Given the seemingly infinite nodes and entry points of Black
feminist thought, it is befitting that this issue coheres because of an
unboundedness and porousness among the pieces. The art essays, articles,
field reviews, and conversations converse, dance, and harmonize with one
another. What unfolds on these pages is a queerly motherful offering to the
Black feminist tradition....

--Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Treva Lindsey,

for the *Feminist Studies* collective

*Read the issue now on JSTOR*

*Table of Contents*

Bettina Judd

mitochondrial eve brainstorming the archive *(Poetry)*

Candice Lyons

*Behind the Scenes*: Elizabeth Keckley, Slave Narratives, and the Queer
Complexities of Space

James Bliss

Defense, Redemption, Care: Black Feminist and Queer Studies* (Review Essay)*

Nadine Naber

The Radical Potential of Mothering during the Egyptian Revolution

Jennifer C. Nash

Black Lactation Aesthetics: Remaking the Natural in Lakisha Cohill’s
Photographs *(Art Essay)*

Jalynn Harris

Gladys Bentley Leaves Gladys Bentley on Read *(Poetry)*

Jordache A. Ellapen

*Siyakaka *Feminism: African Anality and the Politics of Deviance in FAKA’s
Performance Art Praxis

Eric Andrew James

The Representational Necropolitics of Black Women in Zombie Dystopia Video

Ashley L. Smith-Purviance

Masked Violence against Black Women and Girls

Ileana Nachescu

Censoring Anglogynophobia: Reconsidering the Disappearance of the National
Alliance of Black Feminists

Nneka D. Dennie

The State and Future of Black Women’s Studies: The Black Women’s Studies
Association and the National Women’s Studies Association in Conversation *(News
and Views)*

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