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*Weekly Liberal Education News Watch*
*Week of June 21-25, 2021*

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*Don’t Downplay the Role of Community Colleges in Healing a Nation*

*Times Higher Education*If we are to believe that the purpose of higher
education is to deliver on the democratic promise of social and economic
mobility—as surely we must—then we ignore the pivotal importance of
community colleges in civic education at our own peril. Read more >>
*College Graduates Lack Preparation in the Skill Most Valued by

*The Hechinger Report*Employers rate “ability to work in teams” as the most
important skill required of college graduates; 62 percent of employers said
this skill is “very important,” while another 31 percent rated it as
“somewhat important,” according to a recent employer survey conducted by
the Association of American Colleges & Universities.

*A Moment of Reckoning

*Inside Higher Ed*After a year of pain and protest, we are now seeing an
acceleration of increasingly pointed attempts to roll back long-standing
efforts to build a more inclusive educational system and teach the truth
about race and racism in America.

*Decolonizing the Academy

*Inside Higher Ed*Professors have a responsibility as intellectuals to
question established paradigms and hierarchies; combat the erasure (or mere
ignorance) of knowledge produced by those outside established institutions;
highlight the contributions, ideas and experiences of all people; and
recognize the ways that power relations shape the production, dissemination
and application of knowledge.

* Black Majors Matter*

*Inside Higher Ed*While majors are not deterministic of later life careers
or incomes, they are certainly impactful. Many higher-paid careers require
STEM training, and applications to professional graduate programs, such as
medical school, require rigorous undergraduate pathways—those same pathways
from which students of color are often pushed out. Read more >>

*This Week on the Liberal Education Blog*

Racism and the Unconscious: Why Higher Education Needs Freud

*By Adam Schneider and Dan Skinner *Rethinking the language of implicit and
unconscious bias is an important step toward understanding the magnitude of
the challenge before us. In our rush to show stakeholders we are taking a
defining issue of our day seriously, we are tempted to embrace quick,
surface-level fixes. But as Sigmund Freud made clear throughout his career,
there is no quick fix for deep-seated phenomena residing within the
unconscious.

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