[Blackstudies-l] Two events of potential interest (Bath Spa): tomorrow (3/25); April 7th

Lytton Smith smithlj at geneseo.edu
Wed Mar 24 15:39:30 EDT 2021

Dear Black Studies faculty and students,

Our GALA partner, Bath Spa University, have let us know about:

Engaging with Bath’s Uncomfortable Past through walking and creativity
Thu 25 Mar 2021 at 2pm EST | Tickets

Electrified by the Black Lives Matter movement and the toppling of Edward
Colston’s statue in Bristol in the summer of 2020, various actors have
sought to decolonise and reframe the way history is taught, narratives are
shaped and the “uncomfortable past” is remembered. [...] We have conceived
a walking tour entitled “Walk Bath’s Uncomfortable Past” and now that we
are about to release it, we are looking for communities of walkers to test
it and share their thoughts about it. [...] this workshop [...] aims to
introduce the new walk and engage participants in a creative reflection
about the legacies of transatlantic slavery. Facilitated by Dr Christina
Horvath and Benjamin van Praag and organised by members of the VIP
Co-Creation project. Includes a hands-on creative workshop.


Also, via Ken Cooper (English, American Studies):
*Archiving the Black Diaspora*
On April 7th, please join us for the special event *Archiving the Black
Diaspora: Makiba J. Foster Talks Community Webs with the Internet Archive*.
In conversation with librarian, archivist, and activist Makiba J. Foster,
we will discuss the important and impactful work of preserving Black
culture found on the web. Makiba has long collaborated with the Internet
Archive’s Community Webs program
which trains local librarians to gather web-based community heritage
materials documenting marginalized voices and groups often absent from the
historical record. Through this collaboration, Makiba's work documenting a
protest movement led to her building entire web archives related to the
Black Diaspora. From the Black Lives Matter movement to #viral culture, go
behind the scenes with the activist librarian creating a more inclusive
account of history for future citizens to learn from.

The evening will also include a special musical performance by Lamar Harris
a celebrated trombonist, DJ, and jazz artist. His seamless blend of brass,
electric sounds, vocals and other instruments makes for an explosive
experience that can't be replicated. He's shared the stage with some of the
biggest names in the business, including Fred Wesley, Sy Smith, BeBe
Winans, Eric Roberson, Zo!, and Sheila E.—and now he's coming to the
Internet Archive. Register today to reserve your spot!


*Date And Time*
Wednesday, April 7, 2021
5:00—6:00 PM PST / 8:00—9:00 PM EST
Dr. Lytton Smith

Director, Center for Integrative Learning, Doty 303C (Mon/Wed/Fri)
Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing, Welles 230
Black Studies Faculty

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