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30 MAY 2021
African Songs That Make Us Proud to be African
Africa Day is celebrated annually on May 25 in commemoration of the
founding of the Organisation of African Unity 58 years ago. At this
important anniversary, people come together to celebrate but also to
reflect upon, and recommit to, the goals of peace and unity. In keeping
with this focus on all that is great about Africa, OkayAfrica has assembled
a playlist of 12 songs that can't help but stoke your pride in the
continent. For many on the streets of Lagos and beyond, "Ojuelegba"
excellently describes the hustle inherent within us as Africans, and our
constant quest for a better life while momentarily wanting to have a good
time. Between Capso's rapfrobeat — a combination of groovy rhythms and
poetic lyricism — "Afrika" embodies the eternal optimism of a continent.
When Burna Boy dropped "Dangote" in 2019, it was a reflection of the
different realities present in individual and families lives — the
difficulties, the striving, the hunger. On "Isegazini", off South African
jazz artist Zoë Modiga's sophomore album Inganekwane, she waxes lyrical
about a certain inherent trait — one that flows in a person's bloodstream.

Every Day is Africa Day

Despite being celebrated annually in May, Africa Day is also a frame of
mind for some people. Creatives across the continent continually channel
their imaginations into producing art and design that challenge perceptions
and promote the reality of its richness and diversity. As a reminder, take
a look at some of the spectacular and inspiring people, who remind us every
day of the vibrancy and beauty that is Africa. Senegalese artist Omar
Viktor Diop uses his chosen medium of photography as a means to capture the
diversity of modern African societies and lifestyles. Egyptian designer
Amna El-shandaweely combines traditional tribal motifs with street-style
silhouettes – a fusion of current culture and history. IKEA Overallt
constitutes a landmark moment for African design. The collaborative
collection features eight African designers including Bibi Seck, Issa
Diabaté, Laduma Ngxokolo and Sindiso Khumalo.

England Rugby Star Maro Itoje is Showcasing 'Untold' Black History through
Art Exhibition

A new art exhibit at London's Signature African Art Gallery aims to
showcase the enormous contribution that African culture has made to the
Western world. Called 'The Untold History,' it was created in collaboration
with Maro Itoje, a British rugby player with strong ties to his Nigerian
ancestry. Last year he attended the Black Lives Matter protests in London
and hosted podcast series Pearl Conversations, which featured prominent
Black role models. He is also a supporter of the educational charity The
Black Curriculum, which is focused on introducing more Black British
history into the UK curriculum.

Netflix's 'High on the Hog' is Essential Food TV

As we mentioned last week, a new Netflix series explores the tremendous
influence that African cuisine has had on American cooking. 'High on the
Hog' is based on the writing of Jessica B. Harris and is hosted by Stephen
Satterfield, and it takes us on a culinary journey that not only delights
and surprises, but also demonstrates the undeniable connections between the
American plate and the African imagination. Harris joins Satterfield in
this first episode. The food stalls hold up mirrors to their American
diets: They remark on bushels of okra, banter about the differences between
yams and sweet potatoes and linger over various shades and textures of rice.

Architectural Travel: A Guide to Sub-Saharan Africa

African architecture is prolific and diverse, and a new seven-volume series
showcases it in all its glory. 'The Sub-Saharan Africa Architectural Guide'
covers an enormous amount of ground thanks to the contributions of over 350
authors profiling some 850 buildings across the area's 49 countries. The
huge scope of the work is apparent in the series’ scale, for Meuser and
Dalbai cover everything from traditional vernacular architecture through to
colonial interventions, diplomatic ventures, indigenous modernism and the
various manifestations of religious architecture in all its forms, from
massive Catholic cathedrals to mosques. While recent years have seen a
resurgence of interest in, say, the modernist architecture of Ethiopia (an
import from the nation’s days as an Italian colony), or the art deco and
Bauhaus-style architecture in Burundi, these books contain countless other

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Defending Rio’s Little Africa

On May 25, Rio de Janeiro’s councilwoman Thais Ferreira, an Afro-Brazilian
female political activist, launched a project which intends to show and
promote the importance of a historical Afro-Brazilian site located in Rio’s
downtown region. The geographical site known as Little Africa, Pequena
África in Portuguese, was the gateway door where most Africans were
received to work as slaves in Brazil. Little Africa was also a place where
freed Black people established themselves to create a huge Black
settlement, after the ending of transatlantic slave trade in 1850. However,
despite its importance to Brazil’s history, Little Africa has been
abandoned for decades. According to Ferreira, the reason might be the
attempt of wiping out the Afro-Brazilian heritage in the city. “I can’t
imagine another reason, but racism. Even with international recognition,
Rio’s Little Africa still doesn’t have the infrastructure to receive
visitors and tourists. We are going to change that, by demanding more
investments from the city hall.”

Africa is Leading the Charge in Terms of Open Borders

Air carriers across the continent are finding additional ways to cultivate
a sense of safety. In late 2020, Air Maroc, the national carrier for
Morocco, announced that it was offering its customers free insurance with
the purchase of a ticket before May 31, 2021, assuming the coverage of
medical expenses of up to $180,000. This March, Rwanda’s national carrier,
RwandAir became the first African airline to vaccinate all its airline
staff, including non-airline staff at the Kigali International Airport. Air
Egypt, the national carrier has been given $191 million in long-term
financing by the government. Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Burkina Faso
have offered $311 million in direct support to their aviation sector. Other
revival measures include waving tourist visa fees and reducing the cost of
aviation fuel prices by 10 cents. Additionally, some African countries that
did not have national carriers prior to the pandemic seem confident of a
resurgence of air travel within and outside the continent. Ghana, Burundi,
and Zambia among others have plans to launch national carriers in 2021 or

One of Tunisia's Top Attraction Sites has been Wrecked by Covid-19

The ancient El Jem amphitheatre is 3rd century structure, so symbolic of
Tunisia that it features on the 20-dinar note, usually receives about 190
000 visitors a year, but in 2020 only 45 000 came, and so far this year it
has been deserted most of the time. Most tourists come to Tunisia for its
long white beaches,but it also offers ruined Roman cities, cork forests,
medieval mosques, Star Wars film sets and Saharan oases. Tourism normally
accounts for about a tenth of the economy. Its collapse after militants
attacked a beach and a museum in2015 caused an economic crisis, but the
sector had been recovering before Covid-19 hit. Obay's shop in El Jem is a
trove of copper trays, African masks, rustic chests, replica Roman
figurines, Berber rugs and prettily painted window shutters.

Dinder National Park has Become a Battle Field between Humans and Wildlife

Vast grasslands, lakes and woods are spread over more than 10,000 square
kilometres, making it an important flyway for migratory birds. But the
massive reserve is under threat. The population has exploded, putting
pressure for new croplands on this area tucked away by the Ethiopian
border. Human encroachment disturbs the park's wildlife in other ways too.
Hungry villagers often harvest wild honey from the park's woods, lighting
fires to create smoke to ward off the bees, in breach of park rules.
Rangers patrol the rugged terrain in search of violators, who can face
hefty fines or up to six months in prison depending on the offence. But all
is not lost. The park's wildlife research chief says sightings of hyenas,
lions and smaller cats like genets and servals remain common, particularly
at night. By day, visitors can see African buffalo and several species of
gazelle as well as an array of birdlife, both resident and migratory.

Dozens of Heritage Attractions and Art Galleries around South Africa Forced
to Close

With tourists absent due to the virus and school visits, a major source of
income, not happening because of restrictions, a number of other cultural
institutions are suffering a similar fate. They include the Fugard Theatre
in Cape Town, the Johannesburg Art Gallery, and Mandela’s house in the
township of Soweto. South Africa’s 200 billion rand ($14 billion)
loan-guarantee scheme, aimed to encourage banks to lend more and on
favourable terms to businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis, has not
helped as much as was hoped. Many distressed companies are reluctant to
assume more liabilities.

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