Kirby Urner kirby.urner at
Wed Jan 4 21:53:51 EST 2006

I found Chapter 15 of Scott W. Amber's 'agile modeling' persuasive [1].
It's entitled 'The UML and Beyond' and in it he argues that:

* The UML is not sufficient for the development of business software
* The UML is more complex than what most developers need
* The UML is not a methodology or a process
* The vision of Executable UML is ahead of its time.

For all that, he ends up using a subset of UML, with caveats warning people
to beware of UML hype.  He also supplements UML with other tools.

I appreciate his realism.


[1] ISBN 0-471-20282-7 (2002, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York)

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