Kirby Urner kirby.urner at
Thu Jan 5 09:25:11 EST 2006

>I have nothing against AD, Scrum, RUP or any other UP - because they are
>dependent on the development cultures of the folks that make up their
>enterprise, and the needs of their stakeholders and constituency.  I'm very
>comfortable with that.

Yeah, that's pretty much my attitude towards UML too.  If your culture uses
it intensively/internally, that's great.  Same with DAML/OWL if that's your

I use UML some on the job, and certainly my peers do (some a lot more than
me).  As for teaching it, I think like you say, it belongs in a dynamical
systems modeling context, and so could be shown off modeling a soft drink
bottling plant or something (I'm sure bottling plants get dynamical on
occasion -- certainly demand is a variable).  

Novak & Jezernik did an expert system model of a bottling plant using
Prolog, then there's the [hybrid] Petri net approach plus efforts to blend
Petri and UML.

Here in Portland, I've been locally/politically active (a) recruiting more
women into engineering (b) prototyping new curricula through Portland State
and (c) helping jump start a new charter in Northeast.  Coca Cola also
helped with this latter, plus @ GirlFest 2005 our engineer recruiting
display at the Oregon Convention Center showcased a bottling plant...  I'm
starting to see where the dots might connect, with UML included.

Also here in Portland, Stella has enjoyed a following, especially at
Franklin and Wilson high schools, culminating in the Sym*Bowl (annual
simulations competition) at OMSI.  Many thanks to Diana Fisher.[1]  This
could be a context for introducing more UML in K12.




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