Two insights on teaching computer programming

Kirby Urner kirby.urner at
Thu Jan 5 18:42:52 EST 2006

> PS Do you have any thoughts on possible connections between HtDP and
> female retention?

I assume Matthius tracks relevant data on that, or somebody does.  I'm not
expert on HtDP, though our curricula overlap in many places, e.g. in our
emphasis on integer sequences:

You'll see I'm pushing a similar approach in Algebra 1 (where we use a
"programming to learn" vs. a "learning to program" approach):


PS:  if HtDP is proving effective in recruiting more women to a CS track,
that'd be a strong argument for more widespread adoption.  Private industry
is hungry for more tech-savvy women -- at least in our Silicon Forest it's
that way (my view as a Free Geek ( )).

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